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In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us (Romans 8:37 NIV).

Friend to Friend

I got the text early one morning. “It’s bad,” my Dad said, “Your Mom has 95 percent blockage in two of her arteries.” Within twenty-four hours we would be on a plane and she would be on an operating table.

This is how life unfolds sometimes. We’re microwaving dinner or strolling into a meeting, picking up the kids from school or turning off the light next to the bed and suddenly our whole world tilts on its axis.

My mom made it through surgery okay but what should have been a week-long stay in the hospital turned into an extended journey full of complications. She, a brave woman, fought fluid around her heart and in her lungs, internal bleeding, reactions to pain medications and the inability to sleep for days at a time.

When she began feeling better weeks later we watched the movie Wonder Woman in her intensive care room. In one scene Wonder Woman crosses a battlefield under heavy fire. Right in the middle of all the action my Mama hollered, “You go, girl!” I thought all the monitors would go off and the nurses would come running. In that instant my Mama was Wonder Woman to me. She was fighting hard, overcoming obstacles and pushing through what sometimes seemed like the impossible.

But before my Mama could do all that, she had to place herself fully and completely in the hands of someone else—a surgeon who could do what she could not do for herself.

This time of year we talk a lot about freedom but I think that we can sometimes forget that before freedom often comes surrender. The reality is we all have blockages in our hearts—struggles and sin, regrets and weaknesses, failures and challenges that are simply too much for us. Our natural instinct is to try to free ourselves from all of these, to be the one to cure our own disease. But we can never do so. We need a Savior to intervene on our behalf.

Then, yes, He invites us to be part of the healing process. We fight battles. We push through darkness. We walk one more step or take one more breath. And we don’t have to do any of this alone or in our own power—God is with us and for us in every moment.

Maybe you or someone you love is in a difficult place today. If so, my Mama and I are cheering for you too. We’re both home now and grateful for little and big miracles (including food that doesn’t come from a hospital cafeteria). We’re on the other side of the battlefield.

Can I whisper to your heart that I believe you’ll get there too? It’s okay if you can’t see, feel or even believe that for yourself right now. We all have those moments and God will do His mighty, loving, tender work on our behalf anyway. We are braver than we know, stronger than we feel and loved more than we can even imagine. Yes, “In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us” (Romans 8:37).

Let’s Pray

Dear God, thank You for never leaving me on my own. When I’m fighting a battle and can’t see the other side, remind me that You are both mighty and loving. You are with me and You will see me through. Thank You, Lord!
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Now It’s Your Turn  

Which one do you need to remember today? You’re braver than you know, you’re stronger than you feel, or you’re loved more than you can even imagine? They’re all true, but choose one to dwell on today.

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9 Responses to “You’re Stronger than You Know”

  1. Avatar photo Sherri says:

    “Loved more than I can even imagine.” Someone reading this may be going through a very difficult time. I am praying for you and I pray you are encouraged. You will get through this. God is so loving that he will never ever leave you nor forsake you. Not saying the path will be easy or the time will be short, BUT GOD WILL bring you through it!
    God’s Timing is Perfect and his presence is constant. “…He is always with you. He will not leave you or forsake you” Deuteronomy 31:6

  2. Avatar photo Gaylon says:

    I need the reminder that I am “braver and stronger than I know” We are in a court battle with some very unscrupulous people, it’s like David fighters Goliath. It’s has been three years and has cost us over $8,500 of our money to get what was rightfully us (a deposit) end to defend ourselves from the lies that keep making up. Our story stays the same, but their story keeps changing as the truth doesn’t change. But it amazes us how people with money and power can dominate our world and the court systems. Our new trial date is July 21, if it isn’t canceled again, which incurs more debt for us since we have to meet with our lawyer ahead of time to “ prepare “. Please pray that justice is served in this situation and that I am brave enough to face them and strong enough to keep going if it is once again delayed. Thank you.

  3. Avatar photo Carol says:

    Thank you, Holley, for this am writing; and the prayer is a perfect one for me!
    And Sherri….Thank you for your words of encouragement.

  4. Avatar photo Jo says:

    Gaylon, I am praying for you. May God bless you.

  5. Avatar photo Jackie says:

    I am caring for my 94 year old Mother in my home. She has been living with me since Oct 2021. She has advanced stage dementia and is a lot to handle. My father died in 2013. He asked me to take care of momma. I promised I would. I am about to be 66 myself and this is not easy. She doesn’t know me and has lost her communication skills. Everything she says is like baby talk. For 3 days she has had diarrhea and it’s a regular changing of diapers and sheets – all of which she doesn’t understand so it’s a battle. She doesn’t see or understand and won’t let you clean her without a fight. For 94 she is very strong! I pray everyday for strength to do what needs to be done but I am getting weak. My family – one brother and sister – are some help but not a lot. My sister wants her put on a nursing home. Please pray for me to have strength for today and to make good decisions. I have developed a lot of hurt and bitterness toward family members who don’t even call much less visit or offer help. Todays message spoke to me deeply but I desperately need prayer and God’s strength to do this.

  6. Avatar photo Tiffany says:

    That I’m stronger than I feel. God is doing some mighty work in my mental and emotional health. Thanks, Holley, for writing this. I was just declaring and claiming this verse this morning.

  7. Avatar photo Diane says:

    Lord help me to see that You will get me to the other side! Nothing is impossible for God. You are greater than Cancer.🙏🏼In Jesus Name, Amen.

  8. Avatar photo Audrey says:

    Thanks for this devotional. My nightly routine is to read your devotionals before I go to sleep and God knows I needed to see this one THIS NIGHT!. My heart aches as I’m making the decision to finally cut the cord on a tiring marriage. I’m so exhausted. As I type there’s a lump in my throat. This is hard, but I can’t continue in limbo. Please pray for me. I don’t necessarily feel weak, I feel unloved. So the reminder that I’m loved more than I know was the most timely bit for me. Thank you GIGs for allowing God to use you this way.

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