Today’s Truth

For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16 NLT).


Friend to Friend

A month after my dad died, my mom and I showed up to serve at our local shelter for un-housed individuals. We figured that serving others would help us navigate our grief, but I was uncomfortable because I worried about how I’d keep up conversations with the guests.

When we arrived, I gazed longingly over at the volunteers who stood behind the plexiglass and chafing dishes in their paper hats and plastic gloves. No awkward conversations or uncomfortable emotions, they simply scooped the food and sent the people on their way. As I settled at our assigned table, I knew that my fear of being uncomfortable may block me from seeing the God-potential of meeting new people and getting to know them.

Then, I remembered the pastor’s prayer after we checked in. He prayed that we would love and serve the guests with the heart and love of Jesus. Remembering that helped shift my attitude from self-consciousness to serving others like Jesus. I was still nervous, but I knew that since Jesus could do this, I could, too.

Jesus went in search of the people that Christians tend to avoid or are afraid to talk to. Luke 5 records how Jesus went to the home of Levi (also known as Matthew) the tax collector. Jesus was the guest of honor and He was surrounded by people that the religious leaders would have rejected from their homes.

Consider that banquet from Jesus’ perspective. Jesus knew every single detail of every person around Him and He didn’t shy away. Imagine if you were the guest of honor at a raucous party at a fabulous, but scandalous person’s home. Chances are, you’d never tell anyone from your church that you’d been invited there, even though the party was for you. Yet, Jesus was unapologetically right there. He didn’t hide in the corner or worry about what the religious people thought. He showed up because Levi and his friends mattered to God, therefore, they mattered to Him.

Today’s Truth reminds us that everyone matters to God, so let’s love like He loves – even those who make us uncomfortable.

Here’s a Thanksgiving Dinner Challenge: Invite someone who wouldn’t think that they’d be welcome in your home. Do you know someone whose skin color is different than yours or someone who may use words that you wouldn’t use? Invite them!

Do you know someone who has been rejected by their family because of choices they’ve made? Invite them!

What about the grumpy person at your job who is skeptical of your faith, but you know that he or she lives alone? Invite them!

The question for all of us, including me, is this: Can we add one more seat at our table and invite someone for Thanksgiving so that we can love them like Jesus?

At the shelter, the more I learned about our guests at the table, the less afraid I became. While I couldn’t fix their problems, I could let my faith shine through my smile, my actions and by praying for them.

Imagine the post-party stories that the crowd told about Jesus. “Our religious leaders rejected us, but Jesus didn’t!” Isn’t that what we want to be said of us? We are Christ’s ambassadors (2 Corinthians 5:20).  Are we willing to get uncomfortable to love like Jesus in hopes of introducing people to the gospel?

Whom do you think God wants you to invite? Even now, slide that extra seat up to your table. You can invite your family to pray over whom should sit in that seat. Wouldn’t it be amazing to start praying now and then see that chair filled with someone that you will love like Jesus on one of our most popular holidays?


Let’s Pray

God, everyone matters to You! Thank you for sending Jesus to die for all of us, no matter our backgrounds or life choices. I pray for a willing heart to put an extra chair at the table for Thanksgiving. Help me know who to invite and give me the courage to extend the invitation.
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Now It’s Your Turn

Does your family see the same people at Thanksgiving or are visitors regularly welcomed?

Imagine if you added one more chair to your Thanksgiving table this year. Who could you invite that you wouldn’t normally think to invite? Why?


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4 Responses to “Your Thanksgiving Love Challenge”

  1. Thankyouthankyou says:

    Similar story for me. Only the one I called Mom was actually my Grandma!

    Quiet light/Gentle Woman is what my Dad and His Mom (the one I call Mom) had in common

  2. Carol says:

    Blessings to you, Barb!
    Thank you for this inspirational message of opening our heart spaces for others.
    I’m in prayer on this subject, of giving my “light” that Jesus has given me, to the folks who need it the most, no matter who they are!
    This may be the subject I’ll mention on Thanksgiving day where I’ve been invited!
    Thanksgiving is the time of sharing, especially when we talk about Jesus!
    Continued blessings to you this Holiday Season!

"We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well…" 1 Thessalonians 2:8