Have you ever felt lonely, scared, angry, confused and hurt all at the same time?  Ever felt like running away from a difficult situation?  I have.  There was a time, several years ago, when I wanted to run – hard and fast – from life as I knew it.  I had just birthed three babies in three  and a half years.  Then, to everybody’s surprise – especially mine – my husband got a promotion that moved our young family across the country to a place where we knew no one. I had two babies in diapers and one “big boy” struggling to say goodbye to his binky.  There was always a diaper to change, a mouth to feed or a mess to clean up.  My days were a blur and my emotions were overloaded.

In my mind, I knew I wasn’t alone – but in my heart, I felt like I was.

God knew exactly where I was.

He saw me.

El Roi was with me each step of the way.  He answered prayers that had never even made it past my lips when he sent me a priceless new friend named Peg. She was a young mom, too. We laughed together, cried together, prayed together, watched each other’s children and supported one another.  She was a true blessing in that desperate season of my life.

Hagar was a young Egyptian servant girl who also faced some big challenges.  In the Old Testament book of Genesis, chapter 16, we hear of her plight…and of her flight.  When faced with difficult circumstances, she didn’t stay – she ran away.  And when she found herself seemingly alone in the desert, God sought her out and called her by name.  Stunned that the God of the universe cared to comfort her, Hagar responded by giving God a new name… El Roi… “The One who sees me.”

Dear Lord, there have been times when I have felt alone and abandoned. Thanks for reminding me that You are a God who will never allow me to be beyond Your sight or Your reach. Help me to face trials with a courage that is firmly routed in your strength and power so others might be drawn to You and know Your grace. In Jesus’ name, amen. 


I pray that you will gaze upon El Roi today in reflection.

Warmest Blessings,

75 Responses to “Worship: The One Who Sees Me”

  1. phillipah says:

    I lost my husband and father recently and your prayer messages has helped me to understand that in the midst of all this loss god is by my side

  2. sheila says:

    Hallelluya..I thank God for yr prayer..I am nursing my sick mother though myself going through an incurable sickness..indeed God is on my side because though I’m sick I can take care of my mother.thanx be to God for strengthening me.

    • Avatar photo Gwen says:

      Holy Father, We thank You for the strength you are providing Sheila and ask that You would continue to provide her with the grace, strength, joy and hope she needs to care for her mother and herself. Please be glorified in her life through the power of Your Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  3. olivia says:

    I thank God for He is anbling me to understand His word in my life today, i pray,He will continue to give me more and more insight in His word, so as to help me preach His words like the fellow belivers Christ. in Jesue’ name, amen.

  4. olivia says:

    i need a payer in my marriage also.

    • Avatar photo Gwen says:

      Heavenly Father, You are an awesome God who loves us, knows us and sees us. Please do an amazing work in Olivia’s marriage. Let it begin with her. Fill her with Your Spirit and allow those around her to see You shine through her words and deeds. In Jesus’s name, amen.

    • Devon says:

      My husband and I have been doing long distance while I have been finishing up my chiropractic degree. I am done in two weeks and he wants a divorce. I’ve been praying every morning and night for Jesus to save our marriage, to soften my husbands heart and to see Christ in me.
      Please pray for us, I love him (and Him!) with all of my heart.

    • Avatar photo Gwen says:

      Oh LORD, You know every detail of this trial and every ounce of Devon’s pain. Please bring healing and hope to this marriage! Move in their hearts and lead them toward the heart of Your will and Your blessing! We ask you to demolish any plans of the Enemy to destroy their union… brake chains of unforgiveness, anger, distraction, disappointment, and discontent. Allow this season of trial to be the very thing that brings them to a rich and deeply loving marriage that gives you glory and points to Your healing power. In JESUS’ namen, amen.

  5. Khosi Dlamnini says:

    Gwen and the rest of the Girl friends,you are a blessing in the body of Christ. You give life relevant examples and am no exception to some to your life experiences. I have seen His grace in my life,as I am single handedly building a home for my beautiful 9 year old girl. I have never lacked anything. By His righteous hand I have seen Him leading. Surely I understand well when David says'” Some trust in horses & some in Chariots but we trust in God Jehovah”. I have seen Him lead me when there wasthing to put on the table for my girl,no busfare whatsoever. He continued being a faithful God

  6. Christina says:

    Have you ever felt lonely, scared, angry, confused and hurt all at the same time? Ever felt like running away from a difficult situation?

    Yes,I have felt that way with almost every situation that was presented to me in life before i found forgivness for the core reasons why i was fearfull in many situations. Dont get me wrong i can still feel all of those, but it just seems like i dont hang onto them as long as i used to, through the years in my growing relatioship in Christ, my mind and heart are looking for the solution instead in dwelling in the uknown. I just pray the Lord continues to bring those thought of solution in my life in the midst of Chaos. Love the readings and I pray for ministries growth.

    • Avatar photo Gwen says:

      Thanks, Christina. Every day brings fresh challenges and our LORD is faithful to provide strength, dignity and joy for each day. Glad to be doing life with you!

    • Christina says:

      yes He does, and today i understand Praising God in ALL THINGS, becuase i have found i recieved more when i go through pain of becomin broken enough for God to build me into what He intends..

    • Avatar photo Gwen says:

      Great thought, Christina. It is so important that we praise Him in and through everything. Not easy… but important. 🙂

  7. Christine says:

    Well what a blessing to have stumbbled on Girlfriends in God!
    I am a new christian of 3 years and God has done a great work in my life and continues to work in my everyday. I am at a stage now where I crave worship…I crave ministries…I crave to learn more and more about Him
    and now I can connect with YOU also….This is awesome
    Thank You for walking in Faith
    I look forward to tomorrows devotion


  8. Karen says:

    Gwen, and all of you girlfriends who have posted on this blog, thank you for sharing yourselves. “Have you ever felt like running away ….” Yes, I have, and, I’m sorry to say, I did … from our daughter’s formal wedding. Okay, you mothers-of-the-bride will know exactly what I was going through, but I gave out a bit too soon. Mary Sutherland has shared with me/us about that slimy pit, and that is where I am now. Trying to embrace it and wait and crying out for Him. It’s so hard to remember to be patient and believe Him that he WILL turn to me. Already with your encouragement my faith is stronger. Please you all be patient with me.

  9. Krissy says:

    Gwen Praise God for the God of all comfort. He is my refuge in times of trouble. I am learning to Trust God and this video gave me peace. I am leaning on Him more and more each day. I’ve been through so many trials but there is a purpose (I am now convinced though it took a long while). I have felt many emotions all at once. It hurts so deeply. I sometimes feel forsaken. Yet deep within the Spirit speaks and I know I am not alone. God sees me even in my darkest hour. He is with me. Thanks for sharing your story. It empowers me. I am growing and praising Him. God Bless.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Krissy, this is a wonderful reminder. I was a little on the low side this morning. My children,all believers are having it really rough.Our stand in the Lord is contributing greatly to keep us “laid back”. Pray with us that “the prince of Persia” be overcome, the answer released and the name of the Lord glorified.
    Thank you. He sees me and the children.

  11. Janet says:


  12. Carol T says:

    I really thank you for these words. I’m leaving a very difficult situation right now, I’m pregnant (14 weeks) of my first child and my husband is confused and he told me he wants some time apart from me. He is still in the house but is like he is no there. I feel alone, abandoned, not important and afraid that he can decide that he doesn’t want to fix our marriage. I love him, and I know he is the man God put in my life. I believe that God can restore my marriage, but sometimes the pain and sadness is so big that I think I cannot go on.
    Thank you again for these words, they give me hope.

    • Ree says:

      Carol T congratulations on your pregnancy, it is an amazing gift from God. i was once in the same situaion, my husband had been confused and said we were not ready for a child (but when God says we are then no one can say otherwise) for the first 5 months of my pregnancy we lived like strangers but i prayed and kept my faith and today my husband adores our son so much. so i pray that it shall be well with you and your family, keep the faith

    • Carol says:

      Thank you so much for your words. They really lift my spirit. And I thank you so much for your prayers, we really need them, there are days that are more difficult than others, but it is a blessing to know that I have some girlfriends in God that pray for us. God bless you always!

  13. Sheryl says:

    I just came across your website today. It spoke to me. I am in so much pain right now…I really am worn and tired. I was married for 27 years and have now been divorced for 5 years. I waited until my heart was healed from the loss of a marriage and family and my children were gone before I started to date.I am now dating a man I enjoy being with but I am confused about where he is concerning our relationship. On top of that I just lost my job of 19 years at the christian school I taught at. I just want to give up…and I wonder if there is truly a God that sees and cares. Why would he put a longing in my heart to be loved and then not supply the answer. It feels like God is taunting me.

    • Lucina says:

      Dear Sherly,there is a longing all in our hearts to be loved,and the only one who can truly feel that longing is God himself,he then give us people close in our lives to share that love.
      God loves us so much.I pray to God that he fills your heart with the love you long for so that you can love him more and share your love with others.
      God has also taught me that sometimes he allows pains and failures in our lives so that we can humble ourselves before him,give him the respect he deserves and surrender so that he can control our lives.

  14. tricia says:

    I really want to appreciate God’s grace upon your life. I always look forward to each message during the weekdays. sometimes, I forget and then I remember that your messages come only during the week days. I appreciate each message and the prayers that follow. They have really been inspirational to me.

  15. dan says:

    Jus came across your site and i loved it!! after reading all the comments, Im thinkin how great is our god to strengthen people in times of their difficulties . I feel I should never complain of my situation and instead I shud jus thank him for the abundant blessings he has gvn me!!! Thank you Lord. From the bottom of my heart… I would want you guys to pray to god for my job. I have come to a new country and Im looking out for a job here!! pls pray..May God continue to bless you all!!

  16. Ebos says:

    I have studied that scripture before. And for the past few day I have being feeling like finally abandoning my almost 3 years relationship. I prayed and cried this morning asking God to show me if I have being making a mistake all the while. And I wrote a little poem to Him. And he comforted me with His words in the psalms. And then this, I now know I am not alone. Much love.

  17. Ebos says:

    And He told me He is aware of me. It’s a beautiful and comforting thing to know that God is aware of me. I lo e You Lord

  18. Rachel says:

    Yes Gwen, I have cried and felt desperate at times before God. but one thing has stood out. God is faithful. David once said, ………… I was young, now i’m old but i’ve never seen the righteous forsaken.

    God is our strength in time of need. He is our fortress and our refuge……… Ooooh how i Love Jesus.

  19. Wendy yes says:

    Hi!my friend forwaded the msg from ur website i read it over n over again cause it talked to me.yesterday i went to ur website i am blessed.can u pray with me cause im looking 4 a church the 1 i use 2 go 2 im feeling alone n im not growing spiritualy n physicaly everything in my life is not blossuming n since i left this church i can hear God talking 2 me through scripture,people in my dreams n receive the answers 2 my prayers God is good.

  20. Valerie says:

    Gwen,as I read your devotion through tears,it resonated wtih my spirit. I am feeling so alone these days.I’m a widow of 15 years,lost my Mom a few years ago,and Dad last year. My brother has withdrawn. My daughters have their own lifes. I desperately need a friend. After reading this,I cried out to God to send my one,the one He would choose,not me,for He alone knows me best.I am confident that He will because His Word says that He will give me the desires of my heart.And I so desire and need this. In His timing,and in His way. I don’t know how,but I trust that He will. This gives me hope.And Hope is such a good,good thing. He is my God who SEES ME,ME. He knows what I need,and He will provide. I need only to trust and keep depending on Him for ALL that I need.To seek His Face daily,DAILY. Thanks so much for your comforting words and the song,well,a great big THANKS. Never doubt that you are a true servant of the most High God. He is using you in a mighty,mighty way. You have touched a lonely woman from Kentucky. Who would have known? He is an AWESOME GOD.

    • Valerie says:

      And,thanks so much for sharing and being REAL.

    • Pam says:


      You are not alone. God made us for relationship and there’s a reason you added that you are in KY. I am too looking for a friend. I have learned from the loss of divorce, a betrayal of a 20-year friendship and job losses, single-mothering, debilitating depression and anxiety that GOD is the only one there 24-7. He has carried me through 52 years and I am here by His grace to serve those who need to hear that there is hope in Christ alone. He really has become my sufficiency. If you need a friend, my dear one, reach out today. He will lead a real person to you in this season.

      I send you a big hug from this KY gal.

  21. Renea says:

    I am going through a very difficult time. I am 49, have a 4.5 year old precious little boy, 11 year old daughter, and nearly 13 year old son. My husband is 65 and we still have our whole lives ahead of us but I feel so lonely and sad inside. I believe the Lord is slowing me down even more in areas of my life to truly enjoy these times with my kids and heal me continue to heal me in the process.

  22. Abigail says:

    Hello thank you for today’s devotional just what I needed. I Bless God for answering my questions and prayers through your ministry @GIG I don’t feel so lonely.

    I am 32yrs old single,I desire marriage and to have children 1day and at the moment there’s no one on the horizon it gets frustrating. Guys who approach me are dating someone else or unsaved. I Bless GOD for the reminder that he sees me & I believe he will meet my need.

    Please pray 4me that I don’t miss His guidance & be able hang on & be strong.

    • Emily says:

      I understand how you feel!
      I am struggling with the same thing. Although I am a certain age where people are all dating and asking me, “why aren’t you?” I have purposed it in my heart to wait for the man that God wants me to have if it is His will for me to even marry. My friend who is 32 had the same mindset and she has recently gotten married to the man that God wants her to have. I was able to attend that wedding and it was the MOST BEAUTIFUL wedding I have ever been to. Although I have only been to two. LOL

      My mom has told me to instead of worrying about getting married or fretting over if I even will to pray for my future spouse. If God does indeed have one for me.

      Right now I am reading a book called Before You Meet Prince Charming by: Sarah Malley. I don’t know if you have ever read that book or not but I think that you might find some encouragement in it. I know that I have.

      It has showed me that even though it is my desire to marry, that my ultimate goal is to stay true to God and not give away a gift that is the most precious of all, my purity for my future spouse. Also that we shouldn’t spend all of our single lives wishing for marriage but doing things for the Lord to spur on His Kingdom.
      That might not be very well put into words and I’m sorry for that. However that is kind of what it says in a very big nutshell. : )

      I hope you find this encouraging!

      In His Service,

    • Amy says:

      Its now 3 years but i do like what u wrote. M in the same situation now but i trust him

  23. Emily says:

    I was on biblegateway.com and was looking for a few devotionals, via e-mail, I could do. I stumbled over the girlfriends in God devotional and clicked on it to receive the devotions. They have all been a tremendous blessing to me!!
    My family and I changed churches about a year and a half ago. I have grown so much in the Lord at this new church and am very thankful to God that we are there!!

  24. Alicia Roark says:

    He truly is the God who sees me. He sees my heart and my desire to worship Him and to deepen my relationship with Him.

    He’s been El Roi and so much more to me since Feb 20, 2012 when mom died and I became parentless. I felt like I was orphan who’d be left alone at an orphanage until one day I heard the words to a familiar hymn: The Family of God

    From the door of an orphanage to the house of the King
    No longer an outcast a new song I sing
    From rags unto riches
    From the weak to the strong
    I’m not worthy to be here but praise God I belong

    He truly is the God who sees me!

    Praising HIm,

  25. “He answered prayers that had never even made it past my lips.” This sentence reminds me that God knows what we need before we do. It’s awesome what can happen in our lives when we remember that God is in the driver’s seat. Thanks for sharing your story, Gwen.

  26. L. Neely says:

    I ask that the Lord give the strength to endure what is going on in my marriage , about ready to just walk out and let it be over , just can’t take anymore of the verbal abuse, being treated like a child and look on as I have not important at all. What happen to way that couples use to share there feelings and not the expense of the other. God Help me Please. I know that the only thing that matter is the Serve my true master and that is Lord Jesus Christ .

    • Pam says:

      I am praying for you. I was in a similar place with abuse and a spouse who was an unbeliever. I got The Praying Wife by Stormiest O’Martin and began praying in earnest. Praying for my weaknesses was hard, but after 6 long months God helped my husband.

      Keep praying and seek a counselor who will listen. There are many awesome Christian counselors out there.

      His servant,

  27. Belinda says:

    I have never participated in your Blogs but feel inclined to contribute today. God is indeed a merciful, gracious and loving God. I am currently experiencing a bit of hardship (currently unemployed) having lost my job of 14 years three years ago after a major hurricane. In the two years following I was employed for periods up to 10 months earning way below what is normal for me. I still have monthly commitments and of late cannot meet all of them. Thankfully, I have adult children whom I don’t have to provide for materially, but only one can assist. I have learnt not to murmur or complain because God supplies my needs every day sometimes in very unexpected and surprising ways. Great is His Faithfulness … He is my creator, healer, provider,protector… He is my everything and though my situation may not be the best “… yet will I praise Him!” (Jeremiah 29:11 reminds us of what he has in store for us).

    Like Lucina said earlier in this blog “God has also taught me that sometimes he allows pains and failures in our lives so that we can humble ourselves before him, give him the respect he deserves and surrender so that he can control our lives.” “… yet will I praise Him!” Thank you Jesus! Praise the Lord!

    • Pam says:

      Dear Belinda,

      I too have struggled with job loss. Now I am a career coach who knows the pain of short-term disability from depression and anxiety. My boss was a bully and I could not handle conflict. But, God saw me through each valley, even when getting out of bed is all I could accomplish in a single day. Just yesterday I found 2 great sites. One is the revolutionary club (just for career-minded girls) and the other is The Muse (lots of career advise and resources). Hopefully reviewing them will give you some ideas in re-tooling yourself for what work God has planned for you next. I am praying for you!

      His servant,

  28. Ellen says:

    this has come at a right time because it was exactly how i was feeling before i read it. You are a blessing Gwen, thanks and may you continue touching lives of many ladies with the word and your encouraging words. Pray for me to always stand firm on the word of God and for good to open doors for me

  29. tomson osarenkhoe says:

    I am so greaful ,for been bless through u girls , may God continue to empower u all amen, tomson osarenkhoe .

  30. tomson osarenkhoe says:

    one thing that I have come to understand about God is that , he is the God of second Chance, in spite of our wrong’s, he still love us so much,and he wants the best for us , thank u lord.

  31. After reading these marvelous redemption stories. I want to say that God gave me a second chance. He revived my soul, gave me something to accomplish, which is to spread His word throughout the world with Christian Books, Wall Art and figurines at this time. I praise Him daily for His renewed strength and sense of direction.

  32. Olene says:

    I am extremly greatful to God for his many blessings toward me and my family. I was told that my company plan to redundant 35 person from my organisation. But the lord remained me of Joshua 21 vs 45 and it saids not a single one of all the good promises the lord had given was left unfulfilled; everything he has spoken came true
    The lord is in the midst of our circumstances, he is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask. Trust God today and let him lead the way, even when it seems like there is no way out.

  33. Roslyn says:

    Just requesting support in prayer, asking you to stand with me in prayer for my finances, and my relationships as I strive to be a better woman, mother, grandmother, friend, and fiance’. Please pray for my fiance’ against the attacks that are coming at him personally and financially

  34. Susan P says:

    I LOVE El Roi. For someone who feels so invisible, this name really speaks to me. I love the song. Thanks for sharing. As soon as I figure out how to share it to my (extremely NEW – as of a few days) blog, I’ll be happy to share it with others. Or just me. That’s okay too. Blessings on your ministry.

  35. Margarita says:

    I lost my husband of 29 years on 04/28/2013. People have stolen from me, used me and I have serious problems right now. I feel depressed, alone and wish God would just take me. Please pray for me. I need it terribly. I have given all my material things to a needy family. I am now just renting a room till I heal emotionally. I do not do anything but go to work. Please God turn my life in the right direction. Please. Amen

  36. Sherry says:

    We pray for emotional healing for the woman that need the strength to keep moving forward to fight all that was stolen from them. For all lost children to return home, for Mother’s and daughters to be reunited together with the Love of God. For relationships that need to be restored. For broken marriages to be restored. Jobs restored. I pray for the safety and protection over our families. We pray for a release from all addictions. And the protection over the children until these addictions are gone. God is graceful and merciful God. I pray for healing of sickness and disease. We pray for the woman to have their hearts be filled with an abundance of Love. And may we all see favor and blessings in our life today….in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

  37. Tamar says:

    Thanks for this i really needed it today as someone who is making many transitions. and was starting with many what ifs

  38. Nikki says:

    Your msg is so timely. I stumbled on this blog via a post on a friend’s fb page and I know already, its a blessing! I can relate to so many parts of your story. My family has recently relocated, I had to leave my strong support network, this move has been a sacrifice financially! Through my loneliness God has been beckoning me to come CLOSER. To use this time to grow closer and stronger in the knowledge of him. He does see me and he hears my prayers! We’ve found a church home and 2 weeks ago I met two wonderful women of faith. I know he’s in charge and will continue to order our steps if we lean on him. Please pray for our finances and for peace and a breakthrough at my husband’s new job. I thank you Lord for seeing me. You are worthy to be praised. I’m very happy to find GIG!

  39. CHRISTY says:

    Hello. I wanted to thank you for having this message. I have some very hard decisions to make soon and even though I know GOD is there I do feel alone sometimes. I have always known GOD but I don’t think I have totally put my trust and faith n GOD. I thought I did but I come to realize that I did not. I am a person that trys to fix things when they are bad but I think I have finally realize I can’t do this by myself. I am 41 years old and it is unbelievable that I have just now really realize this. The one thing I don’t want to happen is when and if things things become good and happy again I don’t want to ever become distance from GOD again. I always tried to read the bible in the past but always felt intimidated by it but this time I did not have a choice in the matter because things are just that bad and I realized I just could not fix other people or situations anymore by myself. I really do not know how things are going to go but I do know that I have started to read my bible every morning and sometime at night and I feel a since of peace. Please say a prayer for me because I truly need guidance by GOD. Thank you. Christy

  40. Liv says:

    Hagar didn’t run away. She was banished by Sara.

  41. tammy says:

    Thank you so much, for this ministry and blog. God has a way of always giving us exactly what we need, when we need it. In a few days I and my husband will be dropping off my middle daughter off to college. El Roi you see and know my fears and concerns. I pray for protection over my daughter, that she will not allow the temptation of her piers to be dominant, but relies on His guidance.

  42. Cheryl says:

    Thank you for providing this place of fellowship, and celebrating El Roi, the God who sees.
    I know Him by this name, as He has revealed himself.
    Bless the Lord, and remember all that He is to you.

  43. Chinky says:

    I am always blessed as I read the everyday devotionals with the GiG. I believe God has anointed you and use you for the glory of His name.Continue to be a channel of blessing to every women around the globe.
    God bless you Ms. Gwen.

  44. weng says:

    Dear Ms. Gwen,
    I accepted God as my Lord and Savior 7 years ago. I knew him by my heart and his presence. Yet, there is a circumstance in my life that I faced with this sin that is very hard for me to overcome 🙁 I confessed it but here I am doing it again 🙁 It seems an addiction for me that I can’t hardly get rid of it 🙁 please pray for me Ms. Gwen:) God bless you richly:)

  45. Rayson says:

    Dear Gwen,
    My wife and I have been going thru a number of challenges which we seem not to understand but we know that the LORD is one our side. One of these challenges is, our hard earned monies was used to deposit on our family house and every other month we seem not to be able to pay the mortgage. Whisper aloud prayer to help us fight this wicked evil and give us the zeal to pay our mortgage or even better pay it off in full. Thanks and may happiness in JESUS name – AMEN

    • Avatar photo Gwen says:

      Dear Father God, I lift up Rayson and his family. Father you know and see the struggle that they are in financially. I pray that You will give them wisdom in financial matters so that they will be good stewards of the money You have entrusted to them. May they seek Your face and walk in integrity before You. I pray that You would continue to provide and they would continue to praise You for Your provision. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  46. Lisa says:

    Found this website by accident…sitting in local coffee shop enjoying the blogs and devotionals. I have so many things to be thankful for and enjoy many blessings. I’m requesting prayer for one area of my life. After enduring a twenty year abusive marriage and being single for several years I’m requesting prayer for God to bless me with a helpmate, a true partner and husband designed for me.

  47. Andrea says:


    Thank you for this message. I stumbled across it again today and it was the perfect timing. Sometimes when we are down on ourselves for our sins, it’s easy to think God is angry with us. I needed to remember that God is always with us for a loving embrace to lovingly guide us back to where we belong.

    Thank you and God bless!

  48. Janie says:

    Wow! This one struck a note for me. I started my life in the working world just under a year ago, and it hasn’t been peachy. There have been a lot of moments where I’ve felt completely alone. I moved here and away from my college friends and my entire family. It’s partly on me because I didn’t take time to really invest in a church family or make solid friendships, but I still don’t know that it would have made being here easy. It’s so important to be reminded that God is with us and he does see what we are going through. Thank you! I loved this reminder.

  49. Ify says:

    God is faithful. He is always with us. In my distress, in my pain , day by day I thank him and lift his name up high, glor y and praise and honor be to his holy name,

  50. Kathi says:

    Precious Papa God, We love you and thank you for the three grandkids we are raising. May you give us Wisdom as we give You the Glory and Honor you so richly deserve! Tyler Wallach of The Wallach Family often praises God in this fashion. In honor of The Wallach Family…Robert and Sue…Tyler and Michelle…Bobby and Barbara…who have so graciously loaned us their Ranch for these babies, ages 10, 12, and 15 to grow up on. Robert also hired my husband to work for his Company (work family) and he loves it there. What a beautiful testimony! What a truly Wonderful God we serve! Amen and Amen. Much love and God bless …. Kathi Wade & family

  51. Melissa says:

    thank you for this. this is so uplifting. i have a brother with a mental condition that is a drug user, brilliant talented and extremely intelligent, but will not seek help. he is breaking our family up piece by piece, but i will declare in the name of Jesus that he will be cured, that our family will form a a stronger bond.

  52. phillipa sis says:

    Amen, Phillipa! I’m glad you finally found your true Neighbor!! As Stated, he will never leave you or forsake you. This one’s a keeper (PERMANENT)

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