Today is a big day. Really big. CAPITAL LETTER BIG!! 😉 Why? Today our new, interactive GiG devotional book, TRUSTING GOD, A GIRLFRIEND IN GOD FAITH ADVENTURE releases. Woohoo! (Happy dance with us!)

God called Sharon, Mary and I to write this. We believe that the message of this book will bring women to a deeper place of faith because it is stuffed with Scriptures and stories that are purposed to connect the heart of each reader to the heart of God.

Because you are a friend to this ministry: we do life together. So that makes you the best people to share this book with those in your circle of influence! Bottom line: we need your help in getting the word out… and would sincerely appreciate it.


Here’s a list:

There are so many ways to help spread the word and start a “buzz” about a new book and you’ll never know how much the author appreciates readers who do that!

Not everyone will feel comfortable or have the means to drop leaflets while parachuting from an airplane, but on the list below, you’ll find at least one thing that will be a perfect fit with the ways God has gifted you.

•Write a review for the book on online bookstores such as: – Here’s the link: – Here’s the link: – Here’s the link:

•Write a review at one of the many online book review sites, including: – Here’s the link:

•As soon as you start reading the book, post a comment and/or link to your facebook profile page, or send a tweet on Twitter letting friends and followers know you’re reading (and enjoying!) the book.

•At you can recommend books via an e-mail link that will take your friends right to the page of the book you’re promoting.

•Recommend the book as a featured title for a church book discussion group (or start your own bookclub! We call these “GiG Groups”.). This is especially appropriate because the book has discussion questions for each of the 12 weeks.

•Start a discussion about the book on your blog or on e-mail loops you’re a part of.

•If you have a website or write a newsletter, consider featuring books you’ve read and enjoyed.

•Add the book to your list of favorites on myspace, facebook, shoutlife, or other online communities.

•After reading and reviewing the book, give it away as a prize in a drawing on your website or blog.

•Donate your influencer copy to your public library or church library when you’re finished reading it. Better yet, share your copy in other ways and buy a second copy for the library.

•Print out a review you’ve written, or other reviews of the book and give them to your public or church librarians for consideration.

•Hang out in your local bookstore and “hand sell” the book by talking it up to customers shopping in the faith department.

•Talk to the clerks in any bookstores and libraries you visit and ask if they carry the book. If not give them a short book report and recommend they order a few copies.

•When visiting bookstores, do a little creative rearranging to turn the book face out on the shelves. Use good judgment and don’t hide one book to promote another. Also keep in mind that in some stores front-table space is paid for by the publisher, so don’t “steal.”

•Offer to write a book review for your church newsletter, neighborhood newspaper or any other printed source that might reach readers.

•At your next women’s retreat, volunteer to organize a book table, where you will feature the book.

•Offer to organize a blog tour for the author, setting up a week when numerous blogs will feature the book and interviews with the author. (How fun would this be, bloggers!?)

•When you’re finished with the book, tuck it into a gift basket for someone who is ill or in the hospital; or take it to your next dinner party as a hostess gift.

•Leave the book in a waiting room where someone with a few extra minutes might start reading it.

•Prison ministries are always looking for encouraging books to distribute. Check out groups like Prison Book Project.

•Word-of-mouth is still probably the number one way books hit bestseller lists, so simply start conversations about the book. Tell your friends and family what you’ve been reading and why you enjoyed it so much.

•Drop leaflets as you parachute out of a plane.

(Note: Portions of this list was written by Deborah Raney, who is a novelist herself. I copied it from a post on my friend MaryBeth Whalen’s blog. A big thank you to Deborah for creating this list and to MaryBeth for posting it!)

Blessings and Thanks!!!

25 Responses to “With A Little Help From Our Friends…”

  1. Avatar photo Anita says:

    Wow, I could have done with a list like this when my book came out LOL 🙂

    Will be definitely reviewing the book on the blog,’leaving’ a copy somewhere, letting others know, chatting …. 🙂

    Can’t wait to read it!

    Blessings to you, Sharon and Mary xxx

    • Avatar photo Gwen says:

      What about the sky-diving part, Anita!? LOL! 🙂 Thanks so much! Can’t wait to read your review. Please post it for us once you get the book and throw your heart on it. 🙂

      Blessings in Grace,

  2. Avatar photo Karen says:

    Waiting to receive book and would be blessed to post a review when i read it…….I have been tweeting and posting on my wall on FB and on my blog and also my website….Cannot wait to read it and continue in sharing this with the many women in my life that God has blessed me with…Gods Peace :O)

    • Avatar photo Gwen says:

      Woohoo!! Thanks so much, Karen! Please let us know what moves your heart once you begin to read the book.


  3. Avatar photo missy says:

    I can’t wait to receive my book! You girls have helped me through so much! And it all started with your book, Gwen! I found in little giftshop! And I’ve been hooked ever since! What a blessing you girls are!!!!!!

    • Avatar photo Gwen says:

      That completely rocks, Missy! Yay! Please let us know what connects with your heart once you get the book and dive in. 🙂 Ask a few girlfriends to read it with you!


  4. Avatar photo Karen Weaver says:

    I just ordered my copy! After reading “Bail on God” I knew this study was God ordered and in God’s timing for me! Thanks so much for the devos I get every day! I am in the middle of a new journey where daily lessons on trust come in many different packages. Thank you for being obedient and faithful to write this study. I plan to share with friends and co workers. May blessings of faith & joy overwhelm each of you!

  5. Avatar photo Lise says:

    Aww, I’m so thankful to the Lord for your Ministry. It’s a shame I live in France. Do you think I can order it from Paris, France?

    • Avatar photo Gwen says:

      Hi Lise!

      You can order internationally from Amazon or Barnes and Noble – or any online retailer like that. We are having some problems with international shipping from our website right now, but hope to have our quirks resolved soon. 🙂 Here is the link for Amazon:

      Merry Christmas!!

  6. Avatar photo Lise says:

    ps: I’ll be glad to help spread the word. I’ve already started to translate some of your devotions into french for some sisters at church and they can all identify with each story.
    Thanks again GiG!

    • Avatar photo Gwen says:

      Yay! Thanks!! We really appreciate you helping us get the word out. 🙂 By the way… if you have an e-reader (Kindle, iPad, Nook…) – you can download it instantly no matter what country you are in!

      Warmest blessings,

  7. Avatar photo Treva says:

    I enjoy GIG devotions each morning and God has nudged (ok…pulled)me to start a women’s support group at my place of employment after work. Definitely an act of faith. I am going out today to purchase Trusting God and plan on using it and the video clips in the group. I believe God is going to use this book and GIG in dynamic way! Can hardly wait..God bless you Gwen, Sharon and Mary.

    • Avatar photo Gwen says:

      That’s what it’s all about… responding to the nudges of God and walking toward His heart and truth! SO excited to be on the journey with you! Please stop by again – or swing by our Trusting God facebook page ( – to let us know what the LORD is doing in and through it all.

      Warmly in Christ,

  8. Avatar photo Kelly says:

    Just got the book from my husband and kids for Christmas yesterday! (I saw it online and put it on my wish list) I’ve only read the introduction and watched the first video…I’m blessed already and can’t wait to see what God has for me and those I get the opportunity to share with!

    • Avatar photo Gwen says:

      Yay!!! That completely rocks. Can’t wait to hear more about your journey through the book! SO glad you are doing life with us!


    • Avatar photo Kelly says:

      Just finished the reflections for week 1. I’m a teacher and have been studying lately about “differentiated education” and the concept that in the classroom, “fair isn’t always equal”…teaching each student according to their own needs and readiness, rather than just following the textbook and treating all alike. This morning I realized this may be part of the answer to the “unanswered heart questions” and God’s Sovereignty…He is the perfect teacher. Instead of comparing our lessons with those of others, we must learn to trust that He knows where we are in our learning process and exactly what we need to learn the next concept, skill, etc. Praying God will help me live that truth and loving the way He connects my learning paths!

    • Avatar photo Gwen says:

      Wow, Kelly. That’s profound… and I really think you’re on to something! Keep leaning in to hear His heartbeat as you wrestle with the questions in the book. Great stuff. SO glad you shared…


  9. Avatar photo Linda says:

    I’m so glad I stumbled on this blog about the book with a list of things we can do to help promote it! I have already purchased mine, downloaded it to my reader and have my GIG group announced! My first friend contacted me today! I am so excited and so sure this is where God is leading me, to open my home to a study group!

    And more so, I’m excited for you 3 ladies! After watching your video a couple of times, I can see your joy in wanting to help other women. It’s contagious! Thank you ladies for your committment to the Lord and to those He has you serving daily with your devotions.

    Listening to Uncluttered, what a beautiful song (video) Gwen.

    A sister’s love,


    • Avatar photo Gwen says:


      Thanks so much for your email and for your shared enthusiasm! 🙂 Yay! We are excited that you’ve joined us on this faith adventure and can’t wait to hear more about how the LORD moves in the hearts and relationships of women that are in your GiG group!


  10. Avatar photo Starla says:

    This book is like a collection of your daily devotionals on Bible Gateway. It’s nice to have all 3 of your inspiring, fun and interesting stories and related scriptures all incorporated in one book that I can refer to on a regular basis. I love it! Thanks Girlfriends for helping me to Trust God even more.

  11. Avatar photo Andrea says:

    Wow, just bought this book – I have been struggling with trusting God lately with life getting a bit complicated so i am looking forward to being refreshed by stories of faith and maybe a few tips on how i can keep my faith alive. Thank God for an encouraging husband with the gift of faith – he inspires me to be the same.

    • Avatar photo Gwen says:

      Praise GOD! Hope each page continues to take you deeper in His trust and strengthen your trust!

      Warmly in Christ,

  12. Avatar photo Theresa Sigala says:

    Good Morning, I’ve been reading the book on my own and thoroughly enjoying it, following with your weekly videos. I may have misunderstood, but I believed that I read I could do the study online with other women who are doing the study. Since I am disabled and our church’s Womens Bible Study is off for the summer, I’d hoped to go through the study with other GIG’s, was I mistaken?

    • Avatar photo Gwen says:

      Hi Theresa! There are online videos that coordinate with each chapter of Trusting God here: We actually do plan to have an online Bible Study for Trusting God in the near future, but have not launched that yet. Keep checking back with us, friend!

      Hope you are being challenged and blessed!

      In Christ,

  13. Everyone loves it when people come together
    and share ideas. Great website, continue the good work!

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