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For the word of the Lord is right and true; he is faithful in all he does (Psalm 33:4 NIV).


Friend to Friend

Some people just seem happy and positive all the time. They appear to never worry and fret. These people act like they eat rainbows for breakfast and ride a unicorn to work. But life isn’t all lucky charms. Sometimes it is just plain hard.

We should anticipate trials. Jesus promised trouble. “In this world you will have trouble,” He warned (John 16:33).

So what if the worst thing you can imagine does happen? What then?

What if my child gets sick?

What if my husband does leave?

What if I lose my job?

What if I get on a plane and it crashes?

I decided a long time ago, when I get on a plane, I’m either going to get where I’m headed, or I’m going to heaven. Either one is all right with me. I know that whatever may happen in this life, God is still on His throne, and He’s in control.

Yes, worry is a down payment on a problem you may never have…but sometimes you do have the problem. Sometimes the sinkhole is worse than you ever imagined. But here’s what you can always grab hold of when you feel you’re being sucked down: God will be right smack dab in the middle of your sinkhole even if your worst “what if” does occur.

What is your greatest fear? What worries threaten to hold you hostage? Perhaps you’ve already experienced your greatest fear. Maybe you have lost a child, gone through a divorce, foreclosed on your home. Perhaps you’ve already gone through radiation, filed for bankruptcy, or lost your job.

If you have already experienced your greatest fears, then oddly enough, you have an advantage over those who haven’t. You’ve seen that God does give you the strength to get through your most horrendous seasons imaginable. You’ve come out on the other side and realized that by the grace of God you’ve made it.

None of us would choose to experience the horrific losses or painful situations that are part of living this side of heaven. But some treasures can only be discovered in dark places. One such treasure unearthed by those on the other side of their worst “what ifs” is the knowledge of God’s sustaining power that got them though and held them up. That He gave them the power to move on despite the losses and live bold despite the pain.

The truth is, the worst “what if” that could ever occur already has—what if someone killed the Son of God? What if they forced a crown of piercing thorns on His head, thrashed a flesh-tearing whip embedded with sharp objects across His back, spat in His face, beat Him with fists, nailed His feet and hands to a splintery cross? What if they plunged a sword into His side? What if they murdered Jesus? What if that happened?

Oh, friend, it is with tears in my eyes that I type those words. But there’s more to the story. You know the rest.

Death was not the end of the story. It never is. Three days later God rolled the stone away from the mouth of the cave in which Jesus was buried, and hope walked out in newness of life—resurrected life.

Because of the death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ; because of the power of the Holy Spirit who now lives within us, we no longer have to buckle under the spirit of fear or go weak-kneed due to worry. We can live boldly knowing that God empowers and equips us to do everything He has called us to do. We can refuse to bury our dreams in shallow graves of fear but live in bold obedience expecting the best.


Let’s Pray

Lord, no matter what happens in my life, I know that You are faithful, loving, and kind. Help me to trust in Your Sovereignty, knowing that You are in control. Even if the worst “what if” happens in my life, I know that You can use it for good.
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Now It’s Your Turn

Can you think of one “what if” in your life that actually happened? Was it as bad as you thought? How did you get through it? Click on comment and complete this sentence. I went through_______ and God got me through.


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39 Responses to “What If Your Worst “What If” Does Happen?”

  1. Avatar photo Vickie says:

    I endured my husband’s suffering and death, and God got me through!

  2. Avatar photo Carol says:

    I went through some months of illness; and God is getting me through it! Praise His Holy name!

  3. Avatar photo Jamie says:

    I went through watching my father go into cardiac arrest and giving him CPR. I watched him slowly lose his health after that incident and then watched him pass away. As he took his last breath I was there. The worst thing I could imagine… and God was still there. Even in the hardest, scariest most painful moments.

  4. Avatar photo Laurie says:

    I lost my sister, my best friend, the other half of me four years ago. Yet God has given me comfort and brought new friends into my life.

  5. Avatar photo Lisa says:

    My husband passed away and it was awful. God is so good. I’m blessed that He is now using me to help others who are going thru the same thing.

  6. Avatar photo cathy says:

    I went through breast cancer with weeks of treatment and God was right by my side with strength and comfort! He’s never let me down!

  7. Avatar photo Sandy says:

    I’ve gone thru some “what if’s” and God has gotten me thru it.

    1. My daughter at 17 came out pregnant. Abortion was not an option. She kept the baby and that baby is 26 years old today and the sunshine of our lives.

    2. My Son during his teen years gave up a run for our money. He was out in the streets doing his own thing. Today that young man is married with two beautiful teens. Him and his wife run lives group at church and are very involved in mentoring others.

    3. In 2017 my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. We are still battling this one, but is OK. God is faithful and He will indeed work it out for our good.

  8. Avatar photo Danita Goodson says:

    I was diagnosed with leukemia in 2018 and breast cancer in 2019. God healed me and blessed me through it all. And I praised him through it all.

  9. Avatar photo Amanda says:

    I went through 2 Miscarriages one single and 1 set of twins and God got me through.

  10. Avatar photo Carey says:

    I overcame sepsis in 2021. God gave me a peace that was so calming and almost unexplainable during my time in the hospital. He kept giving me assurances with good test results as I fought one of the biggest battles of my life. I am living proof that miracles still happen because He is the same yesterday, today, and FOREVER!! God is so good!

  11. Avatar photo Andrea says:

    Painful and emotional divorce and although I am still processing it – HE continues to get me through each day. There is always a Message from HIM in the Mess.

  12. Avatar photo Noni says:

    God helped me through:

    1. Husband recovering from alcoholism

    2. Both of my parents having Alzheimer’s

    3. Daughter who is hearing impaired and suffered through 3 bouts of anorexia,severe suicidal post partum depressions and long covid

    4.Granddaughter who has been suicidal and questions her gender

    5. Mom dying from covid, then 2 weeks later my husband being diagnosed with Parkinson’s

  13. Avatar photo Mary says:

    This devotion today certainly hit home. It came just as I had an eye surgery yesterday that I had so many “what if”, but in my f/u visit today I got a good report and am claiming a good report next week when I return for my second f/u. God is good all the time.,

  14. Avatar photo T. Marie says:

    I went through severe burnout, suicidal ideation, depression, and anxiety and God got me through it all. He gave me healing, restoration, deliverance, renewal and a compassion for others going through the same struggles.

  15. Avatar photo Kim says:

    I went through more than one child, but one really bad, drug use and all that came with it. We went through a LOT in a 10 year span. At one point in time all 4 of my children turned their backs on me. And one child was in a serious car accident, in a coma, suffered a traumatic brain injury… and God got me through all of it!

  16. Avatar photo Diane says:

    Hi Sharon,

    I went through chemo/radiation last year and God got me through it.
    Through it all . . . He sustained me☝🏽

    I will have a F/U PET Scan in February and removal of Medaport shortly thereafter.🙏🏼

  17. Avatar photo Sally says:

    A beautiful reminder. In my life, I’ve had the “worst” happen several times – divorce, fired, bankruptcy. And, I always came out better on the other side. In several of those cases, I didn’t have my eyes on God, but He had his arms around me opening doors, shutting windows getting me to where I am today.

  18. Avatar photo Julie says:

    I went through a divorce, fertility issues and God got me through it. Now he’s getting me through joblessness,after losing my job a week before Christmas. I know he’ll help me get the perfect opportunity! God is good,all the time.

  19. Avatar photo Crystal says:

    I went through losing my mom and dad to cancer, my sister now battling ovarian cancer for the third time, and my husband suffered a stroke July, 2021, and suffered through horrible depression and anxiety, but God has been so faithful, and He we always be faithful. He is such a loving God. His Word points to the living Christ, our Great Comforter Who can get us through. Every valley has another side…He is the One Who walks with us to the other side. To God be the Glory for all His Love.

  20. Avatar photo Tammy G says:

    I went through marital separation, and eventually divorce, and God got me through. During that first year of separation, “Trust” was my “one word” and God showed me time and again what He could do, if I trusted Him to take care of the “hard times”. Everything He taught me, showed me, and blessed me with during that year plus, gave me the strength and confidence to realize that even though I forgave him (ex) for his part of the implosion of our marriage, reconciliation would not be possible, probable, or beneficial and that knowledge gave me the courage to file for divorce.

  21. Avatar photo Janis says:

    I have had two WHAT IF’s. My son was born healthy. Then at 7 months had a seizure and from that date started having seizures that just got worse and worse. Medicines was poured in him, and watching him go through this I wanted to die.

    My husband died at 47 three days after Christmas. I was left to raise a daughter, 15 and my special needs son, 14. I wasn’t sure I would be up to the task. God did not forsake me. He was there and still is to this very day! I didn’t think my son would live a ling life, but he just turned 43. His seizures have subsided, and are milder than they once were. He has a wonderful caregiver, He does have some behavior issues, that I continue to say prayers for.

    God is good!!!!

  22. Avatar photo Cindy says:

    The “What if’s” are truly out there. I can look back and see my footprints wander away from God’s love and come back. Over and over. Each time our relationship is deeper. He never fails me.
    I am a child of a high-school pregnancy. My parents got married, but married s divorced when I was 7. My step dad sexually abused me. (I found the Lord at 8 yrs old.) Only God could have brought me through that. I married at 19, had my son at 20, and married a man who had manic depression. He was a closet drug user and an alcoholic. I tried for 19 years to make it work. My next husband was a narcissist, and enjoyed mentally and emotionally abusing me. He gaslighted me into thinking I wasn’t good enough. He turned me into a naked slave girl. When he moved a lady into our home, he sent me to stay with “friends”. I was ready to end it all, I was so convinced of my uselessness. I thought of God, and my family back home…I was so scared. I put myself in a mental ward, and prayed and cried. I am now 58 and more dedicated to the lord than ever. He SAVED me, ME! From each and every pit that Satan dug for me.
    I have learned to depend on HIM and to praise Him in all things. He does work everything for good for those that love Him.
    Praise God!!!

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