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Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

Hebrews 11:1

Friend to Friend

My husband has had heart problems for years. So I know a lot about irregular heartbeats, cardio versions, heart ablations and defibrillators. We assumed his symptoms were heart related – shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, lightheadedness and inability to climb even a few stairs without wheezing. But when all of the usual tests his cardiologist ordered came back normal, a sliver of fear took root in my heart.

We went to our primary care doctor who ordered a whole new battery of tests. The results of those tests said that Dan had ILD. We were stunned.

Lung disease was a game changer. I had never heard of Interstitial Lung Disease … but it did not sound good. And the more research I did, the worse it sounded.

I put on my spiritual, physical, emotional and mental boots and went to war. But first I had to gather the troops. Our children were the first recruits.

Our son and his family live in North Carolina. Jered was strong, encouraging and everything I knew he would be. He began to pray.

Our daughter and her family live near us in Kansas City. Danna has two sons, Justus who is six and Hudson who is three. When she told them that they needed to pray for Papa because he was sick, they bombarded her with questions. Danna answered their questions honestly, and the boys soon realized that Papa was very sick.

Justus and Hudson began to pray for Papa’s disease to be gone. Thinking they had misunderstood her, Danna said, “Guys, there is no cure for what Papa has. We just need to pray for Papa to feel better.”

Justus and Hudson were not buying it.

“No! God is going to make Papa’s disease go away!” they declared.

And just to make sure everyone understood what they were asking God to do, both boys carefully selected two rocks. Justus wrote his name on one rock and Hudson’s name on the other. They told their mom that they needed to see Papa – immediately. So they came.

The boys burst through our front door – pure joy on their precious little faces – and gave the rocks to Papa so he would remember that God was going to heal him.

I called family members, close friends, and my prayer team and asked them to pray.

I prayed and cried … a lot … alone.

I called pulmonary specialists.

I got Dan an appointment at the Mayo clinic.

I talked with a nutrition specialist for people with lung diseases and did everything she told me to do.

I questioned God. He just told me to trust Him.

I put the rocks where we could see them … and remember.

Weeks went by. I was so tired and so afraid.

I knew God had trusted me with this trial, but for the life of me I did not know why. I had never felt so weak and so helpless.

Faith? I write about faith – speak about faith – and mentor women in their faith. Now it was time for my faith to be strengthened. Honestly, I was tired of the faith exercises.

But I grew weak enough to really trust Him … and rest in Him … and wait.

For some reason, Dan’s cardiologist and primary doctor just did not buy the diagnosis that had been handed down to my husband. They met for lunch in the hospital cafeteria and went back over his records … and ordered another scan of Dan’s lungs.

It was a Friday afternoon. When the test results came back, they called Dan. Both of them – so excited they hardly made sense. But what they did manage to say was that Dan’s lungs were clear.


I called Danna. She was driving home with the boys and had to pull over because she was crying so hard. When the boys asked why she was crying, she said, “Guys, God healed Papa. His disease is gone!”

Hudson closed his eyes, flashed an enormous smile, and put his hands straight up in the air.

Justus pumped his fists toward heaven, looked up and said, “Yes! Thank You! Papa is my first miracle!”

Scripture tells us that without faith, it is impossible to please God. In Matthew 17:20 Jesus says that even a tiny amount of faith pleases Him. “I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

A mustard seed is tiny, but once planted, grows into a large tree. We don’t need a lot of faith – just as much as a mustard seed to produce great results. Why? Because our God is an awesome God and our faith depends on Him!

Step out in childlike faith … put your trust in God … and wait for your first miracle.

Let’s Pray

Father, I come to You today. My faith is small, but I am placing it in You, Lord. Help me grow into a fully devoted follower that pleases and honors You.

In Jesus’ Name,


Now It’s Your Turn

What is the greatest problem in your life today?

What step do you need to take to face that problem with faith instead of fear?

What is keeping you from trusting God and stepping out in faith?

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20 Responses to “My First Miracle”

  1. Andrea says:

    Wow! I am in tears! Thank you! This is exactly something I needed to read. Things are cruising along in my life right now. But after losing 4 dearly loved people, a couple moves, and my husband having cancer for the third time (he is clear now) in two years time, it seems I am always waiting for the next hammer to drop. So this is exactly what I needed to read!

  2. Dee says:

    Like Andrea I am in tears. It reminds me again of the faith of a child and how God honors that kind of faith. What an AMAZING GOD we serve. Thank you for this beautiful story and the encouragement that it brings. God’s continued blessings in your ministry in Jesus name.

  3. Rulynn M Slack says:

    Me,too. Another example of child like faith. Our God is a mighty God! Thank you for sharing your miracle, Justus!!!!

  4. Tammy says:

    I received the most dreaded news last Sept on my birthday. Breast ca. My sister died 4 years earlier of mets breast ca. The lumpectomy operation was done a month later and Im now in treatment. I have opted NOT to do the conventional radiation and chemo. Only targeted therapy. Honestly, i at times wonder “what in the world am i doing”? But then, i remember. Its not i but the Lord and i have peace again. Thank you for this wonderful reminder of our Lords power and great love for us. Blessings to you, your husband and those precious prayer warriors of yours.

  5. Laura says:

    I am speechless! It is so vital in our faith journey to have these reminders that God is totally in charge and belief is really that simple!
    Thank you for sharing and God bless you and your family.

  6. Dina says:

    Thank you for posting your story. I too am in tears after reading this. I have auditioned three times for graduate school. Tomorrow I hear back from my top choice. I was at the dinner table three nights ago and was sharing with my Aunt and Uncle about how nervous I was about getting in and my little cousin piped up in his chair and shouted with excitement “She got in!” We all paused and I couldn’t help but smile at him and silently say amen to that confidence and faith in the Lord.

  7. Lisa Hutto says:

    I, too am in tears!! I read the GIG devotions daily, and I know what an awesome God we serve, but this one was especially moving. If only we could all just go through life each and every day with the faith of a sweet child, oh what joy we would feel!!! So thankful your husband’s diagnosis was not as fatal as originally diagnosed!!

  8. Gerry says:

    Great reminder for those very difficult seasons.

  9. Kayla says:

    I’ve heard about mustard seed-sized faith time and time again. But, it wasn’t until reading today’s devotional that it clicked in a different way. There’s something I’ve been asking from God for several years now and I must admit, the fact that I have yet to receive sometimes discourages me. Then I start to feel bad and resolve that I just don’t have enough faith. Reading this, the Lord whispered to me that He knows my heart and that my faith is enough, He can work with it. To God be the glory! Thanks Mary for posting this. Be blessed today and always!

  10. Kathy Spivey says:

    Sitting here at the mayo clinic with my husband,waiting on a cardiologist to decide if we can have a lung transplant.Can not believe this article came in front of me. I am praying for God’s intervention. Please pray we can get the heart and lung. I feel there was a reason I saw this article. I trust God is in control.

  11. Marilyn says:

    Dear Mary,
    I love you! Thank you for sharing that wonderful personal story/devotion and reminding us how important it is to have child-like faith! Totally warmed my soul on a cold, foggy Wyoming morning…
    God sometimes puts on my heart to share a certain devotion with a hurting person. Today, I want to send this one to everyone!!

  12. Makay says:

    God bless you for the devotion.I,m really touched by the faith of the little children. I’ve learnt a lot about what faith can do

  13. Mary says:

    Praise God for your miracle!!! We all need this encouragement! Regarding the question; What step do you need to take to face that problem with faith instead of fear? For me it’s the waiting, I have the faith that He will answer my prayer, but I need help with the waiting!

  14. Pam says:

    I believe God answers prayers and right now believe that God is healing my husband. Praising God for His goodness and grace.

  15. Mary, Thanks for sharing. We need to learn to use the advantage of the grace God has for small children and baby believers! We could receive a lot more miracles if we did. Cerise

    PS Thanks for sharing

  16. Lucy says:

    Amen. Thank you for sharing, after hearing your story. It is another reminder of how God continues to take care of us. Our son was diagnosed with Microcephaly/Pachygyria. After many visists to the Dr. and them all saying that our son will not have a normal life. We walked out so discouraged. All was put in God’s hands. Our son is 9 yrs. old now.He isn’t typical. He has learning disabilities, however he is walking and does not have seizures.

    We are so thankful for what God is trying to teach each one of us through the hurdles of life.

    May God Continue to bless you with strength, healing, comfort and provide that Supernaturl joy that comes only through him.

  17. Diane says:

    We serve a mighty Father!!! How blessed are we that even when we have a moment of doubt, he carries us through, either by having your prayer warriors lift you when your tired, guiding the doctors hands and minds to heal, filling your days with the hope that he will provide and hear our prayers! We may all be a bit like Thomas at times and doubt if he is with us, feel that despair…but God shows us his mercy and gives us our signs to fill our eyes and hearts full of his Glory, to cast away the doubts!!! What a wonderful testimony and thank you for sharing!!

  18. April G says:

    This has me in tears!! Faith, I have to admit, is sometimes very hard for me to turn it all over to God, but Faith has carried me through so many circumstances. God is so faithful and has wonderful mercy upon us. Thank you Mary, I needed this today.

  19. Charlotte says:

    Thank you for this encouragement and reminder of how powerful faith and our God is. I pray that I will have stronger faith and no fear as I walk with my son through the valley. I will fear no evil for all that has been made for evil will work out to the good for those who love him. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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