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Then God made you alive with Christ for he forgave all our sins (Colossians 2:13 NLT).

Friend to Friend

I love the story of a man who came home from work, picked up the paper and settled into his favorite chair for a few precious moments of solitude. He had just begun to relax when his son burst into the room. Spotting his dad, the little boy flung himself against his father’s knees and said, “Daddy, I love you!” The father patted the boy on the head and said rather absentmindedly, “Yes, Son, I love you, too.”

Picking up his paper, the father continued reading, but the boy was not satisfied. He leaned a little further into the newspaper barricade and said, “But Daddy, I really, really love you!” The man took a deep breath, put the paper down and said, “Yes, Son. I love you just as much.”

Again, the dad picked up the paper and resumed reading. Finally, the little boy couldn’t stand it any longer! He jumped up on his father’s lap, crushing the newspaper and any thoughts of relaxation the dad might have had. “Son, what do you want?” the father tiredly asked. In response, the boy threw his arms around his dad and gave him a big squeeze, explaining, “I love you so much, Daddy, and I’ve just got to do something about it!”

That is exactly what God said to Jesus. “Son, I love them so much that I have to do something!” Then He sent His one and only perfect Son to earth where He would live and die for you and for me. God’s love is unconditional – a love with no strings attached – a love worth celebrating.

In the Bible we find the story of a sinful woman, a prostitute who had spent her entire life seeking a love with no strings attached. When Jesus came to town and into her life, everything changed. Simon, one of the local Pharisees, invited Jesus to his home for dinner. The sinful woman walked through her shame and fear and went to meet Jesus.

Everyone at the party knew who she was. Simon would never have allowed this kind of woman to enter his home. he But the woman came anyway, knowing that everyone at the party would recognize and judge her. But her desire to meet Jesus was greater than her pride.

Emptiness and sin eating away at her soul, this woman came to Jesus – and Jesus met her there. As the love of Jesus enveloped her very soul, she fell at His feet, weeping tears of worship and praise. Her natural response was to love Him so much that she had to do something about it!

In the woman’s hands was her most precious possession, a bottle of very expensive perfume she used in her “business.” This woman was not wealthy by any means and worked the streets, selling her body in order to live. She could have put a small amount on the feet of Jesus, and it would have been a great financial sacrifice. But she brought it all, and she gave it all. She came, totally abandoning herself and all she had to Jesus. His response was to love her unconditionally and completely. Jesus gave her a new life rooted in love and forgiveness.

The Bible says, “Then God made you alive with Christ, he forgave all our sins (Colossians 2:13 NLT).

Like this sinful woman, we are spiritually bankrupt. Jesus came, spelling Himself out in a language we can understand – a message of love.

Today, no matter where you are or where you have been, He stands waiting for you. Come to Him. He loves you, no matter how ugly the sin or how great the failure may be. Come to His love. Come home!

Let’s Pray

Father, I recognize Your unconditional love for me. I don’t understand it or deserve it, but I know it’s available to me. Thank You for loving me. Today, I accept and celebrate Your love, coming to You just as I am. Please forgive my sin and cleanse my heart and soul. I surrender to You, Your love, and Your plan for my life.
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Now It’s Your Turn

Do you really believe God loves you? Do you walk in that love every day?

Right now – celebrate and walk, by faith, in His unconditional love and forgiveness! Read and memorize Romans 5:5.

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4 Responses to “When You Feel You’ve Got to Do Something About It”

  1. Trish says:

    Thank you, Mary, for this wonderful reminder, so powerfully stated:
    “That is exactly what God said to Jesus. “Son, I love them so much that I have to do something!” Then He sent His one and only perfect Son to earth where He would live and die for you and for me.”
    As a parent and grandparent, it’s unfathomable to grasp a love so deep as a father giving his son, his only son, to die for his love for me (us).
    I’m so grateful to have a Lord and Savior who stays by my side through good and bad, and, joyful and sad.
    I have people in my life that I love enough to do something (more) about it.
    May God bless you as richly as you have blessed others.

  2. Dennia says:

    Thanks, Mary, for this. I was raised in a strong Christian home. I never went “astray.” Never smoked, drank, or “got into trouble.” As a young Christian, then, when I would read about a “sinful woman” in the Bible, I would see myself as separate from her. Then if I considered a prostitute in our own day and time, I definitely set myself apart from her, knowing that my life had been spared such degradation. This wasn’t all bad, of course. It was very true and I could be grateful for a “clean life,” but as I’ve grown older and grown “in the Lord,” when I read about a “sinful woman” in the Bible, I see myself too. When I think of prostitutes now, I feel I’m no better, and my heart goes out to them.
    I’ve grown in my relationship to Christ, and, surprisingly, but not to Him, I follow him walking among the “sinful women,” thankful for his grace and urging others to join us.

  3. Colleen says:

    A Love with no strings attached! A Love worth celebrating! This brought tears to my eyes. Doesn’t everyone want this? The good news is, it is ours to just receive! May we all take to heart and know who we are in our Lord and Savior, best friend Jesus!

  4. Annie says:

    I loved this so much I read it to my family. Beautifully written!! Thank you!

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