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Passing alongside the Sea of Galilee, he [Jesus] saw Simon and Andrew the brother of Simon casting a net into the sea, for they were fishermen. And Jesus said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.” And immediately they left their nets and followed him.”

Mark 1:16-18

Friend to Friend

Long ago, in a faraway land…well, actually, it was back in 2006 in the den of my home on Long Island, NY…a calling was heard: “It’s time to write.” Excuse me, Lord, are you speaking to me?

What was I to do with that directive? I guess there were three options: 1-shake it off and go on with my life as is, chalking it up to a random, self-directed thought, 2-stall on it—put it on a shelf until a more “appropriate time,” or 3-put voice to it; tell my husband and a few trusted friends who would hold me accountable and then run, head first, into the great unknown (to myself) world of writing.

I don’t know about you, but I never considered writing as a direction for my life’s energies. First of all, my father, who had a masters degree in literature, told me throughout my formative years that I was an awful writer. Second, writing wasn’t how I expressed myself. I am a verbal girl through and through—one of my teachers once said I had verbal diarrhea! Seriously, I don’t even journal. Anyhow, you get the picture. Writing was never on my radar.

I imagine the same was true for the first four disciples that Jesus called. They were hard working fisherman. Fish, boats, and nets were their world. But leaving everything to become a fisher of men? What was that all about?

Reading through the Gospel of Mark I was recently struck anew with the lack of hesitation Simon Peter, Andrew, James, and John showed in responding to Jesus’ call to follow him. The text states that they immediately left what they were doing and struck out on a new, unknown course. Did they even know what Jesus had planned for them? What it would cost them? Where it would lead them?

Given my personal dilemma above, I chose (with great trepidation) “door #3,” responding “Yes” to Jesus’ call for me to begin writing. Truthfully, this response was not natural, but rather a cultivated behavior, preceded by many failures—flat out “No’s” and a great deal of “Okay, but laters.” With six, published books, hundreds of Monday Morning Health Tips and articles, and a bunch of GIG Bible devotionals written to date, I am so thankful that I responded, “Yes, Lord, use even me.” His will has been accomplished and His name has been glorified!

Maybe you are struggling with the same feelings I had: fear of following and fear of failure, unwillingness to let go of certain things/lifestyles in order to follow, and the knowledge that I’d be functioning outside of my perceived skill set. If so, I would encourage you today, with your eyes trained on Jesus and with your ears attentive to His call, to STOP, DROP, AND RUN…towards His calling!

Jesus accomplished some of His greatest work through a group of men who were completely unqualified for their calling. I promise, He can, and will, do the same through you.

Let’s Pray

Jesus, I am humbled that You consider me worthy to be used—in ways big and small—to accomplish Your will here on earth. Help me respond without hesitation whenever I perceive Your voice calling me into action.

In Your powerful and equipping Name, I pray,


Now It’s Your Turn: What has been your go-to response when the Lord calls you to serve Him outside of your comfort zone? What is the first calling that comes to mind to which you have responded “No” or “Later?” Ask for forgiveness and for the opportunity to respond with obedience—to drop your nets and run into your call.

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6 Responses to “Stop, Drop and Run!”

  1. Diana Geegan says:

    Good Morning! What a great devotional, God will always call us to a much higher version of ourselves IF we listen to Him; This also makes me remember that FULL obedience = blessings unmeasurable; partial obedience = disobedience in God’s kingdom. Thank You! Have A Great Day!

  2. Tina Favorite says:

    When every talking about our LORD you should use caps .
    The message awesome.
    Thank you .

  3. God has spoken to me in a similar way. I have always wanted to write novels, stories for people to cry for joy over and put it off as crazy notions. How I could never make it as a real writer, I was too emotional, too “out there,” too deep of a person, my typing abilities to keep up with my head were not up to par, excuse after excuse. I’ve went through some hard years and I heard it clear as day on Jan. 1 – write that book. And I still hear it – Kristin, write and all will be well. It makes me think that the areas of my life that I have desperately prayed for healing will be with the more I write. And after seeing this devotional – I felt like this was written for me. So hear I am in tears in my office, at my day job, with a story bursting to tell. So many times I have thought, this is it and I have started and the energy fizzled out. I write a blog but it’s not enough to quench this thirst. I am a writer and will always be a writer. But this – this is it. I know it. Thank you.

  4. With that kind of criticism, He most surely wanted you to write, I know the feeling.

  5. Melanie❤ says:

    Wow! Lisa thanks so much for sharing your testimony with us today! I thank God for what he has done in your life and how he is using you to help me and many others. I appreciate the scriptures you shared today and how wonderful it is that God used men who didn’t know anything but fishing to accomplish so much. It really gives me hope that he can use me for whatever he has in the plans for my life. Thank you for this great reminder!

  6. Rebecca says:

    As soon as I read this, I immediately thought of how I started my blog. I had just quit my job to stay home with my kids and was praying for God to show me what he wanted me to do next. I felt the push to write a blog, when I have NEVER wanted to do that. Lol, a year later, I’m doing my best to fulfill his calling. I pray every day for his guiding hand to help me in these uncharted waters and am amazed by what he has brought out of me. He is an awesome God, and his plan may not be ours, but it is definitely right.

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