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So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.

Galatians 6:9

Friend to Friend

Some days I wonder if it will ever get easier. When we jump over one trial and just feel our feet adjusting to walking the path again, often a new hurdle emerges to overcome. I remember a time when life felt just like that.

For a year and a half our 13 year old daughter had battled alopecia and finally lost all of her hair. I mean all of it – eyelashes, eyebrows, arm hair, leg hair. Although I knew many worse diseases plague the children of other parents, dealing with wigs, handling sleepovers, and battling fake eyelashes were not the middle school drama I had anticipated. Yet God showed Himself faithful through every decision made and tear shed. I had just commented to a friend that it felt like we were finally adjusting and accepting Abby’s condition.

At the time, my Bible reading plan had me in 1 Kings with the story of Elijah on the mountaintop conquering the prophets of Baal and watching God show up to help and support him. I thanked God for our own climb from the valley to the mountaintop of blessing. Then my daughter’s identical twin came to me later that same day and lifted up her hair. A bald spot stared back at me and I wanted to scream. Of course I held it together and told her we couldn’t be sure what was happening yet.  As the spot grew bigger and my daughter’s fears escalated over the next few days, I wanted to cry foul.

Some moments I was full of faith and hope knowing God would walk us through every step, and other times I wanted to say, “No. It’s not fair! We’ve had our share of hair loss. Thank You very much. Let some other parent learn these lessons.”

As I continued to read Elijah’s story in 1 Kings, I found lessons on spiritual stamina right on the heels of his mountaintop victory. Right after God’s amazing display, the queen of Israel, Jezebel, threatened Elijah’s life. You would think he would have no fear after what he just witnessed his God perform. Yet Elijah was human. He went out into the wilderness, sat under a broom tree, and said, “I have had enough, Lord” (1 Kings 19:4).

As a parent, I can relate to feeling like I have had enough – whether it’s alopecia, disobedience, sibling scuffles, or a baby that won’t sleep through the night. Reading through Elijah’s story, it didn’t seem like Elijah was running from death. He was running from life. One more problem to face. One more battle to fight. It never ends. Elijah claimed to be alone, justified in his complaint, and walked out into the desert to pout. Boy can we relate! Like Elijah we sometimes want to say, “I have had enough Lord.” When I got the news about my daughter’s second hair loss, I wanted to be alone to sulk. I didn’t call my friends or take some time to care for my soul. Then God used His powerful Word to encourage me. He responded to Elijah’s moping with these instructions:

  • Get some rest.
  • Eat some food.
  • Go back the way you came.
  • Find the others who serve me to support you.

God came to Elijah – not in a windstorm, earthquake, or fire, but in a still small voice. I was reminded that when an overwhelming problem rears its head, I needed to take care of myself with food and rest. I must remember God’s faithfulness through past difficulties and go back the way I came – trusting Him one day at a time. He also brought to mind the incredible people in my life who would pray, support, and help me walk this difficult journey.

We visited the same doctor’s office I knew all too well, but with a different twin this time. Since that day, her hair has all come back. She never had to wear wigs and experience the full extent of her sister’s experience. However, new opportunities for persevering keep coming in our family’s life, as I’m sure they do in yours.

So whether you’re facing another day of medical issues, difficulties at work, or the struggles of marriage or parenting, remember the lessons from Elijah to take care of yourself, surround yourself with godly voices, and listen for God’s still small voice.

Let’s Pray

Dear Lord, sometimes I want to quit like Elijah. Life can seem so amazing at times but pretty miserable at others. Help me to learn to take care of myself when trials cause me to feel weary. Help me to understand that my food, rest, and relationships can be your gifts to help me maintain stamina in difficult seasons. Give me wisdom to listen for your still small voice and get my strength from you to persevere through each new difficulty that comes my way.

In Jesus’ Name,


Now It’s Your Turn

When was the last time you felt like saying the words of Elijah, “I’ve had enough Lord?” Whether it was recently or quite some time ago, take some time to listen for God’s still small voice. Is there an area where some soul care is needed in your life? In order to gain stamina to run the race of faith, what changes might need to be made in your food choices, rest habits, or time with nourishing people?

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Melissa Spoelstra is a women’s conference speaker, Bible teacher, and writer who is madly in love with Jesus and passionate about helping women of all ages know Christ more intimately through serious Bible study. She is the author of Mom’s Choice Award-winning Total Family Makeover as well as three women’s Bible studies including First Corinthians, Joseph, and Jeremiah. She lives in Dublin, Ohio, with her pastor husband and four kids. Find her online at

10 Responses to “Spiritual Stamina”

  1. Susan says:

    I love to read the devotionals and today It felt like it was written just for me. I was just diagnosed with breast cancer and am feeling a little overwhelmed. I have my church family along with many other godly voices offering support, encouragement and prayers. Thank you!

    • Susan – Praying God brings you comfort and healing in this difficult season.

    • Jennifer says:

      Susan, I am an almost 3 year survivor of breast cancer. May God give you His peace that passes all understanding as you go through this journey. Rest when you are tired. Surround yourself with others who love you & bring you joy. And remember we always have hope because of Jesus. He knows all of the tears we shed & even keeps a record of them. Prayers & hugs to you!

  2. Lauri says:

    This was wonderful. Thank you. Stay encouraged.

  3. Rachel Wright says:

    I appreciated this today. I feel like just as I begin to feel better about one thing, something else happens. I like what you say about rest, food, and relationships. I can do the rest and food, but the relationship thing does not apply to me. I have a wonderful family and an amazing church, but I have not had a close friend in a very long time. I have people I speak with, and occasionally share my struggles with, but no one who I feel comfortable opening up with. This has been an ongoing struggle for me, something I have prayed about for a long time. I try to tell myself that Jesus is the only friend I need, but that really isn’t true. I don’t know why this prayer has not been answered. Thank you for letting me share.

  4. Jill says:

    I have struggled with my beliefs over the years! Thanks so much for these devotionals! It is helping me come back to trust in Him! I have 2 sons. One is a cancer survivor and one is a recovering addict. It has been a long, dark 5 years for me! Only recently have I learned to trust in Him and take care of myself! Thanks again!

  5. I say this probably at least once a day. There’s just so much you can taking even if you have a high threshold of pain or tolerance and the patience of Job. The closer you are to God the more trouble the devil wants to cause. I hear the same answer, rest. My December theme on my blog is a Season of Rest. God bless, Happy Thanksgiving, praying for you and those girls.

  6. Gina says:

    A few weeks ago, I told my girlfriend I was really tired, and even “weary” (because I thought that sounded more biblical.) I didn’t know how else to explain the feeling that although I love serving others, and serving my church family– I needed more than just a little break. Shortly after, I opened my “Daring to Hope” subscription email to learn that Melissa Spoelstra’s next study is on spiritual stamina– and I thought: “that’s it! that’s the name for it.” I hadn’t heard that description before.

    Just knowing it’s a real thing, and that other totally awesome, purposeful women experience it too– it really is so comforting. I enjoyed this article very much, and am prepared to be oh so encouraged by the Elijah study to come. So looking forward to it!

  7. Janene says:

    Thank you for this message. I was actually giggling while reading it because just like Elijah I should have mighty faith because of the things God does in my life but one little curve ball (sometime not so little) has the ability to throw me into the same “sulk”. But thank God that He doesn’t judge us because we are human. In James 5:17 it says: Elijah was a human being with a nature such as we have; and he prayed earnestly for it not to rain and no rain fell on the earth for three years and six months. In other words, even in our humanity God still answers our prayers. We serve a wonderful, merciful and faithful God. Blessings to you!

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