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Let the one who is wise heed these things and ponder the loving deeds of the Lord. (Psalm 107:43, NIV).

Friend to Friend

One sunny afternoon, my family enjoyed a beautiful day at the zoo. To catch a bit of cool air, we opted to go into the reptile house. Though it’s not my favorite, the boys were anxious to see the snakes, so snakes it was. Within a few seconds of entering the foyer, all eyes honed in on the various exhibits.

Suddenly a low growl like a crocodile permeated the room. Within a minute, I could no longer see my sweet 3-year-old, Tristina’s, blonde curls bobbing anywhere nearby. Panic seized my husband and I at the same time. The circular building forced him one way and I the other. She was nowhere to be found. I raced out the building door, only to see a kind woman guiding Tristina back towards us. It all happened so fast. The thought of losing her and the mass relief of finding her overwhelmed my heart within seconds of each other. She had never been prone to wander at all, and we were always so careful, but in one moment of a faux crocodile growl in an exhibit, she ran.

The Christian life can feel a whole lot like that, can’t it? We can be near our God, within arm’s reach, enjoying His presence, but then at the hint of one problem, a single circumstance, or sudden change, we find ourselves running away from God. That “low crocodile growl” causes us to become prone to wander.

We can’t prevent interruptions in life, as we learned in 2020. So how do we remain close to the Lord when fear comes knocking on the doors of our hearts? Psalm 107 contains 4 stories of people in varying circumstances. The first three stories explain how the people had rebelled against the Lord and committed sin, so they cried out to the Lord when distress came. God heard their cry and delivered them. But the last story is different from the others. No one was in a state of rebelliousness against God. They were simply ordinary people going about their workday when they suddenly encountered an interruption that knocked them for a loop.

At some point, you and I will face distress just as the people in Psalm 107 did. whether in the form of rejection, abandonment, isolation, fear, or depression, it will come. Perhaps like my sweet little girl who feared a noise she felt to be real, we will carry an emotional or mental distress that makes us prone to wander away from the Lord.

1 Peter 4:12, it says: “”Dear friends, don’t be surprised at the fiery trials you are going through, as if something strange were happening to you.”

Then today’s key passage, Psalm 107:43 reads: “Let the one who is wise heed these things and ponder the loving deeds of the Lord.

The psalmist tells us exactly what to do when we experience sudden life intrusions. Rather than allowing life changes to cause us to run AWAY from God, we must allow God to use the interruptions to cause us to run TO HIM. Instead of being prone to wander, we must be prone to ponder.

What the psalmist is sharing in this fourth story is that just as quickly as things can change for the bad, the Lord orchestrate circumstances to change for good. No interruption is ever wasted in God’s economy. Did you catch that? He always takes what the enemy means for evil and uses it for good. You can rest in His redemptive plan for your life today!

Let’s Pray

Lord, when I’m caught off guard, help me remember that You always take what the enemy meant for evil and use it for good. When the interruption threatens to halt my relationship with You, let the Spirit push pause in my heart. Father, draw my attention to Your love through the interruptions.
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Now It’s Your Turn

When you read today’s truth, what were you reminded to be thankful for? Share it in the comments!

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14 Responses to “Running Toward God and Not Away”

  1. Robin says:

    I thank God today for fighting for me behind the scenes. He came through in what could have been a major setback for my family and me. I have been so disappointed and distressed every day for almost 2 weeks, praying daily that I trust Him and his plan for my life. He led me to the right people who helped in a seemingly impossible situation!
    God is so good!

  2. Whitney says:

    2020 seemed so disruptive to many however what I noticed was that with all of the stay at home orders it seems to have brought families closer, I heard parents outside playing with their kids, which I haven’t heard in years!! What a blessing!

  3. Cassandra says:

    Thank you! I needed this reassurance this morning.

  4. Liz says:

    This was a good one, I had to share it, today.
    Thank you for the encouragement, much needed.

  5. Anissa Otero says:

    I’m thankful the Lord woke us up this morning & for keeping us safe throughout the night. I’m thankful for our health, able bodies and sound minds. I’m thankful for the roof over our heads, the food we can cook and eat. Thankful for family and friends.

  6. Beth says:

    This was right on time! When your baby heard that growl she took OFF- not to the familiar embrace of someone bigger, stronger and more knowledgeable than her, but into unfamiliar territory. And for a short time she was LOST. Sounds like us. When there are rumblings that we don’t recognize and can’t control we tend to run towards our own understanding of things and away from the only One Who can guide us through. This is a sign for me if there ever was one. I’m resolving right now to stop believing the lies of the enemy and to run to Jesus! Thanks so much for this devotional!

  7. Katie says:

    Thank you! I love this encouraged reminder on where to place my trust

  8. Thank you for this word today!!! My heart needs this especially now, and the Lord has spoken directly to me.

  9. carol says:

    Thank you so much for today’s devotion.
    I have been reading the book of 2 Samuel and the Psalms, in an effort to understand David.
    God used David, in spite of his messy life, because David believed in God’s loving kindness and God’s forgiveness.
    I now, know God is chasing after us to lead us through the many interruptions that life has placed in our way.
    We just have to stop, not panic, and realize HE is there! We just need to pray for guidance and have that unshakeable faith, like David, that God is our refuge.
    Thanks, for the boost!

  10. Diane says:

    I’m reminded of how fortunate and grateful I am that I am employed and have health insurance. I am not sick at this time, but having these protective gifts along with Gods presence help prevent me from getting to that place. Amen

  11. Pam says:

    I’m thankful the devil didn’t destroy my marriage. We hung in there and everything is so much better now.

  12. Nancy says:

    Thank you for your words of truth and encouragement. I need prayer. Im struggling greatly with anxiety,fear loneliness…have lost my son, husband abd parents and had to move away from our beloved farm. I’m trying to relocate again but am having a hard time knowing where to go. U seek Him often. But I can’t figure out where he wants me to go. Thank you

  13. Emilia says:

    I need prayer please. My heart feels hardened and i dont know what to pray. I hsve a mood disorder that drives me crazy and i am very low in hope and motivation snd i am scared. Please pray for me and if u hsve time write me a few lines. Thank you

  14. Tonya says:

    Emilla, I will pray for you. When you don’t know what to pray cry out to Jesus. The song by 7eventh Time Down is called “Just say Jesus”. Listen to it over and over. I’m so sorry you feel hopeless and afraid. I pray you have someone you can reach out to and talk to. My daughter battles depression and she has found an amazing thearapist who has helped her. I will ask God to guide you to someone safe that you can trust and that is a believer. Stay strong and don’t give up.

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