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In the beginning God...

(Genesis 1:1a, NIV)

Friend to Friend

Today’s scripture is a partial scripture, but a complete comfort during uncertain times. The first four words in the Bible form an incomplete sentence but offer a profound promise. “In the beginning God…” Those four words are the lens through which I try to see every moment of every day.

When I struggle with my spouse or feel inadequate as a mom, I remember that God was there in the beginning, planning our family. Purposefully. Intentionally. And when I feel ineffective at work or insecure about how to communicate love to my neighbors, I remember that He was there, orchestrating every good work I would ever walk in.

Each time I’m tempted to get caught up in today’s struggles, I look to the One who was on His throne, planning the history of the world from before the earth made its first orbit around the sun. Nothing to date has taken Him by surprise. No pandemic, birth defect, financial hardship, loneliness, or sin-struggle… nothing.

Since God has been and will continue to be firmly established on His throne, you can start each day secure in the knowledge of His past, present, and future sovereignty. What a relief! In the beginning of forever, God was. In today, God is. And tomorrow, God already reigns.

I don’t know who needs to read this today, but God isn’t going anywhere. He does not change like shifting shadows (James 1:17). Though our hormones shift, He doesn’t. Though jobs change, He never will (Malachi 3:6). He remains the same and His years will never end (Psalm 102:27). Though kids grow up and move away, God never leaves or forsakes us (Deuteronomy 31:6). His devotion endures and His love does too (136:7). His dominion goes on and on and on, eternally (1 TImothy 6:16).

Our world has been shaken this year, but the one who made the world and holds it securely in His capable, faithful, sovereign hands is not shaken — and you don’t have to be either. Rest in the knowledge of His ability to keep on being God, being trustworthy and being capable. If you are struggling in this season, forgetting who He is and how securely He continues to hold you in the palm of His hand, then write down the verses above. Carry them in your pocket and hide them in your heart

In the beginning God was there, He is here now, and He already holds each tomorrow. Rest assured, sister. You can be certain of this: in the midst of uncertain times, He is certain.

Let’s Pray

Dear Jesus, I praise You for being who You always have been. You don’t shift when the world seems to shake. You are firmly established, and I am firmly in Your grasp. I’m so thankful that today isn’t a surprise to You. You are, You were, and You always will be… God.

It is in Your everlasting and always sustaining name I pray,


Now It’s Your Turn

Have you struggled with fear this year? Have you struggled with uncertainty? Well, fear not, you can be certain of this: Even in uncertain times God is certain.

If you want to grow in your dependence on Him, consider the spiritual discipline of fasting. Find out more below.

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  1. Beverley says:

    Thank You so much, Wendy, for your devotion today. I have been struggling with remembering that God is, was, and always will be Who He is and that He loves me. Thank you for the verses you shared. I am going to use them to be a reminder to me that He is in control, and I am in the palm of His hand.

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