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For in him we live and move and have our being (Acts 17:28 NIV).

Friend to Friend

I don’t usually struggle with anxious thoughts, but there it was. Concerned thoughts bubbled just under the surface. Questions pelted like gravel under the body of an old truck.

Am I doing enough?

Am I doing this right?

Thoughts like this can hit any of us at any time. They surface in a marriage or a close relationship. They creep into a job or a ministry position or the moment we take a big step of faith.

There’s a natural rhythm to anxious thoughts. They logically want to take us toward angst.

Luke describes a different rhythm in Acts 17:28.

“For in him we live and move and have our being.”

To move in Him is to move with Him.

This beautiful imagery of rhythm acknowledges that God’s Spirit is in us. Right there.

Even in the midst of those anxious thoughts. He’s aware of your doubts and questions, just as He’s aware of your courage and all the times you’ve trusted Him. Rather than beat yourself up for those thoughts, you are invited to join Him in a waltz of relationship.

When you feel anxious thoughts rising, listen for His voice above all the clatter. Understand that your Heavenly Father desires to lead toward peace, rather than away. Ask the Holy Spirit to remind you of all the times you’ve walked through hard places before, and how God met you there.

As we lean into His strength, we are reminded that God is bigger. We can rest in that truth. As we do, the pressure to perform eases. The pressures to fix, strive, juggle, or make things happen in our timing is reordered to fit His rhythm rather than our own.

We live in rhythm with Him.

We move in rhythm with Him.

We are in rhythm with Him.

In my own season of anxious thoughts, through more than one bout of cancer, I imagined God holding out His hand.

Come with Me, Suzie.

What a beautiful invitation. Not just for me, but for you too.

If anxious thoughts are pelting at you, please know that you are not alone. We all experience that from time to time. This is not the time to beat yourself up for having them, but rather to know that there’s a beautiful invitation waiting just for you. Close your eyes and listen for the underlying rhythm of your relationship with God. Ask Him to meet you in that anxious thought, right where you are. Take a deep breath.

Then lean into the invitation to live, move, and have your being in Him – and see where God wants to take you. Not just in that moment, but for that day, and the next. Your first steps of trust might be shaky but that’s okay. You are joining in rhythm with your Heavenly Father. It’s not about how well you do, but that you have taken His hand.

Let’s Pray

God, worry doesn’t change anything, but it does steal away my well-being. Show me the rhythm of Your thoughts in this matter. Lead me from anxious thoughts to trust. From anxious thoughts to joyfully recalling all the times You’ve walked with me through hard places. Let me move in rhythm with You,
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Now It’s Your Turn

What is one tangible way to sync your heart with God’s? Leave a comment and let’s share. You might give someone else a great idea.

One way I practice this is to listen to a favorite worship song and close my eyes. As I listen for the underlying rhythm, my thoughts calm.

Why don’t you try this? As you do, ask God to sync your thoughts and heart in rhythm with His, one thought and one day at a time.

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21 Responses to “In Him You Live”

  1. Therese Metzger says:

    Many times in the mornings I will sit at my big picture window and I will have instrumental music on with scripture on the TV. I will read those verses and then I will just meditate on those words of the Lord through the music. And then sometimes I will journal through those songs. And versus.

  2. Jeanne says:

    I turned to God in prayer.
    I was diagnosed with CML back in 2007.
    I had three boys I was raising and a marriage that was horrible very mentally abusive. I had just gone through medullary thyroid cancer and had both my thyroid removed and then another diagnosis of (cancer)
    They said to me, the average that people survive is 6 years.
    They started me on a new medication I am in my 15th year. God is amazing. I have to deal with a lot of unpleasant side effects from the medication along with a slew of other medical conditions. As hard as it is some days and how horrible I feel I still push through knowing that it’s much more healthier for me then to give up.
    We live in the world that is uncertain but one thing I do know is God is with me and you .
    Even when I don’t feel him I trust and have faith that he is always there. That’s what keeps me going.
    My prayers and conversations to my father and listening to Christian music and fellowship in with other children of God and their prayers give me strength and keep me on track.

    Dear heavenly father we all deal with so many uncertainties in our lives but let us never ever give up the faith we have knowing that you care and love us.
    We are your children. You are our God and father and you are a prayer away and will be there for us each and every day. Let’s keep our hearts minds and souls focused on God. In Jesus name Amen

    • Avatar photo Suzie Eller says:

      15 years, friend! That’s amazing. Cheering you on as you not only survive, but encourage others as you do. What a beautiful image of strength and courage.

  3. Cathy says:

    Your devotion this morning was exactly the reminder that I needed to hear! Many anxious thoughts come and try hard to create doubt. My daily reminder is a “God is Bigger” bracelet that I wear constantly! When anxiety begins to stir, I look at the bracelet and speak the words. Instant recall of how often God has sustained me through extremely difficult times calms my heart, assuring me of His continual power and presence.

  4. Tiffany says:

    Sometimes my mind becomes really cluttered and disorganized and then I don’t operate well in the day. What helps me (tremendously) is I write everything out on my mind, name it to God in prayer, and then either give it to God or with His guidance, work through it one by one. I’ve heard Sadie Robertson Huff use the term “exhale the ugly.”

    • Avatar photo Suzie Eller says:

      Tiffany, my friend Holley Gerth shares how she does something similar. She will take in a deep breath and then quietly list all the names of God. It’s a reminder to her of his character and it brings peace — that exhale you were talking about. <3

  5. Lori says:

    Thank you for this mornings devotion. A great reminder of a God who will meet us right where we are.
    Worry, anxiety, and negative thoughts can easily enter and control our minds. I know for me, it physically makes me ache. I have learned not to let it get out of control and the only way is with our Lord and Savior. I literally open my front door and “kick Satan out of my home” then I will read Psalm 91 and continue to express my faith and trust to our Lord.
    Lord, I pray for all people who have worry and anxiety, protect them from Satan and let them know that your word proves true and you will be a shield for those who take refuge in you. Amen

  6. Janet says:

    My greatest anxiety came after my earthly father died. The anxiety of all that was left in my care was overwhelming. I couldn’t sleep and I nearly shook with fear and anxious thoughts. One evening trying to relax in a bubble bath a thought made its way into my brain that my dad had died, but God hadn’t. I remembered the lady during one of the hurricanes in the south who led people to safety while they said the 23rd Psalm, so I repeated the Psalm, halting at first, but said it two more times, out loud, until I said it with conviction and real faith, and I kid you not, something like giant talons unclenched my shoulders and this entity flew out of the bathroom and out of the house. God IS bigger, indeed! And for the next 3 years of settling the estate, including my mom’s death six months after my dad’s, I was able to grip the side of the kitchen countertop and sing a simple praise and worship song to get me thru anything else. Worship and worry are at opposing ends of experience, and it seems impossible to fall into anxiety when our eyes are worshipping the One who is worthy of it alone.

    Have a blessed day, my girlfriends in God, and Happy Valentine’s Day, too.

  7. Toni says:

    Thank you Susie for this devotional. I thought abut antidepressant but am afraid of the side effects. I love God and know He there. Seems anxiety never stops though.

    • Avatar photo Suzie Eller says:

      Toni, as a cancer survivor I have battled cancer with faith, with the help of doctors, and with the support of loved ones and friends. Do what is best for you, knowing that whether it’s cancer or depression or another battle, it’s okay to use all the weapons you need to overcome it. <3

  8. Diane Hangartner says:

    God just told me- the one who is hurting me is hurting too. Love is patient,love is kind….Be in His love.

  9. Dennia says:

    Happy Valentine’s (and Gal-entine’s) Day to you all! Any time we talk about love and especially when we set aside a whole day for it, it can easily turn our whole hearts and minds to the greatest love of all—to the one who IS love—“God is Love” is how the Word of God puts it so simply.

    And Trust. There it is again. I wrote a comment about this on Friday’s devotion if anyone wants to look. But Trust is a key to letting go of our anxiety. There’s another key. A “major key” if you will. This key, I’ve found, opens the door of heaven…well, actually it shows me the door is always open but maybe I was looking at something that I shouldn’t be if I was wanting to come into God’s presence. No, nothing immoral. I was looking at ME! Looking at my faults, feeling guilt and some shame, and even being afraid that God was displeased with me. NO! I was looking at me when I should have been remembering the key in my hand—the simple and awesome fact that GOD LOVES ME! And, like I just read this morning, our Father’s love for us is unquenchable! When I use this key, all those self-condemnation “road-blocks” are simply knocked down and I run like a little girl to the arms of my daddy.

    Thanks, Suzie for being faithful and sharing today with your “Gal-entine” friends. ☺️

  10. Toni says:

    Thank you so much Susie for taking the time to replying to us. I’m sure your a very busy thank you it sure mens a lot to me God Bless you

  11. Betsi says:

    Every single word of this captivating devotion surely touched my heart and mind today (as well as my fiancé’s- yes, he enjoys reading devotions from GIG, also)! As I have read this several times today, I am reminded of many many times I have taken huge leaps of faith- leaps that my family, friends, coworkers, and more have questioned my decisions; and, as a result, I have found myself anxious & have questioned The Lord, “Exactly how is this going to work out, Lord? How am I going to be able to do what You are calling me to do because all I have is enough faith to do as You tell me”…and I have seen miracles even in my own anxieties! Today’s devotional “knocked” my fiancé & my heart hard as he is driving (while I type this) to another state as we desire & have prayed for months to be moved by God- near or far with the goal to be used by God to serve others as we share Christ & offer hope to others. Thank you for this devotion, these words! We have journaled your words as we spend this week listening to God & trusting He will open all the doors of anxiety that may try to creep in & we cling to the words, “To in Him is to move with Him”…Amen!

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