Today’s Truth

It is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35, NLT).

Friend to Friend

“Let’s go there with an intent to serve,” said my husband.

I agreed. As I got ready for this conference dinner, I decided to have a heart to give, rather than a heart to gain. Instead of going to the dinner looking at what I could gain from others, I wanted to be ready to pour out Jesus’ love.

I remembered the words of Jesus…Indeed, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35, NLT).

Considering this thought, I wondered, how God would show-up? Would we pray, then see someone cry because God moved mightily? Would our words change a life? A sense of anticipation rose up in me…

Before leaving, my husband and I prayed that we’d be seated at the exact table, with the very people God wanted us to sit with.

When we got there, two couples sat with us. My husband and I looked at each other. As the dinner went on, we tried to discern thoughtfully what God would have us to do. Nothing remarkable happened. We waited on the Lord to anticipate the needs of the other people. Nothing seemed apparent. We eagerly sought to hear God’s heart for the people at the table. There was no answer.

Baffled, random conversations went on… It seemed we had nothing to give.

One lady at the table casually said to us, “Oh, your kids go to that local school? You know, I prayed to God that I would meet someone from that school. I didn’t think He was going to answer, yet, at last, here you are.”

Yes. We were there at the table. We talked some about the school and other things… Before long, dinner was over. We exchanged numbers and went home.

And, that was it. I felt a little down. God didn’t show up. We didn’t get to love in the big way that I had expected.

Yet, the more I thought about it — the more I realized: God did move. Just not as I thought. God did show himself, just not via my “big” way. God did speak, just not via my mouth, my prayers, or my move.

What was hidden, because of pride, I was starting to see through eyes of humility…

That woman wearing purple at the table? She was touched by God. She asked God for a specific request. He answered her prayer, by putting us at our table. You know, she didn’t think God was going to answer that small request of hers…but, He did. He saw her.

God assigned my husband and I to be her answer. Not because of what we said or what we did, not because of some great Hallmark-movie moment, but because we simply showed-up. Simply because, we obeyed God’s call to attend this event. Simply because we gave our time. Simply because God is faithful in our service.

You know, our BIG-things are not always God’s BIG things. In fact, it tends to be the little things that are HUGE in God’s eyes.

The woman serving her mother in-need at home…

The mom nursing her child…

The friend who calls a friend in need…

The care-package for the woman who is tremendously depressed…

Do not size-up your giving. Consider today’s truth: It is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35, NLT). Jesus never quantified the size of the gift-package, He just said to give. This is blessing. This is where joy is found, for those humble enough to see.

My sister in Christ? Today, I wonder, what small act of love are you discounting? How do you think God might want to use what you see as small, in a big way?

Let’s Pray

Dear Lord, I love you. I agree with your Word; it is more blessed to give than to receive. Bring to mind, today, Father God, those who are in need. Help me not to fear my actions, or to hold-back, but may I step towards those who need love. May I give all of me to bless all of You, God. May I bring glory to Your Name.
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Now It’s Your Turn

How is God calling you to love those around you today?

How might your small acts of love — be big — in God’s eyes?

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9 Responses to “God Uses Your Little”

  1. Bernadette says:

    Good morning

    I believe as humans we are always looking to get. I believe that is our nature however when God enters our heart, our heart changes.

    I pray that I will hide God’s word in my heart so I can remember to give.


  2. Elaine says:

    This morning I am going to the cardiologist. I’m a little anxious. This devotion helped me put my fear aside. Look at all the people that will be sitting in that waiting room and possibly having the same fears. Perhaps God will give me the opportunity to share how we can have life without fear because of Christ Jesus. Regardless of my outcome, I can live in peace and fearless. Thank you Lord!

  3. carol says:

    Thank you, Kelly
    Just now, I answered a email from a associate of our church. Wanted to know how I’m doing in this season. Honestly? I was feeling discouraged. I’m weary of the navigations of 2020. Not feeling like my small, in-isolation efforts were making a difference…then I opened your posting.
    When I read, “our BIG-things are not always God’s BIG-things” He let me know that small efforts, make big rewards, if we just believe it!
    I’ve always thought I needed to make the BIG efforts. You just reminded me GOD is the BIG event! He is the one that puts all efforts into place to make the difference.
    Bless you and your family, in this Holiday Season!

  4. Yvonne says:

    Loved this message today. So many blessings in giving!!! I praise God this morning for the chances in life to give. To just simply give!

  5. Judy says:

    Thank you. This is what I needed to hear. Sometimes I can be standing in a grocery store or bank line and really feeling miserable when someone starts to talk to me and it relates to what I’m going through. There are other times when someone else may start to start to share their hurt and I share because I’ve been where they are. God allows this to happen.

  6. Hi Bernadette, I am so grateful for how the Lord changes our heart. It happens so subtly sometimes, but also so powerfully. Blessings to you.

  7. Kelly Balarie says:

    Carol, yes, indeed. Our small things are actually big things to HIM! So true.

  8. Kelly Balarie says:

    Judy, God’s timing is perfect. I am so glad that He got the right message to you at the right time. I pray God continues to speak to you just when you need it most.

  9. Rowena says:

    Message was so true and timely. It is always good to give than receive. The little things in our eyes are absolutely BIG in His eyes. I thank God for the little things that I do that impact the lives of so many. God you are an unchangeable Reedemer, Protector, Deliverer. I can do all things through you and for that I a THANKFUL! My God the same yesterday, today and FOREVER!

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