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So, don’t worry about these things, saying, “What will we eat? What will we drink? What will we wear” (Matthew 6:31 NLT)?

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For years, I struggled with the anxious “what if’s,” so my solution was to buy lots of extras of anything and everything. My goal was to be prepared for any uncomfortable or uncertain situation that came my way. In fact, I had a magic three-word phrase that gave me permission: just in case. As I accumulated my just-in-case items like extra toiletries, kids’ clothes or snacks, I found a sense of security in those stockpiles. In fact, those extras propped up the illusion that I had control over my life. Yet, I didn’t actually have control, I just had a closet that was full of stuff and a heart that was full of anxiety and fear.

When we’re faced with one situation that we can’t control, a natural default is to go overboard with what we think that we can control. Excessive stockpiling can be a control-loving behavior when it is motivated by the desire to control any future discomfort or inconvenience by gathering more than what is needed.

To be clear, gathering extra isn’t a sin. In light of bad weather or crisis events like what we experienced during the pandemic, it’s good to prepare for emergencies. But for everyday life, it’s helpful to ask yourself if you’re gathering extra for an emergency or is it exposing a control-loving behavior that you need to address? Our stockpiles should never be our source of security.

Today’s Truth highlights Jesus’ reminder to us to not worry about what we’ll eat, drink or wear in uncertain times because God will take care of us. However, if we’re not confident of God’s provision, we may try to create our own “insurance against uncertainty” and stockpile whatever we question whether or not God will provide. As Jesus continues to teach, the chapter ends with Jesus teaching us not to worry about tomorrow. Such an important reminder for us to embrace today!

In Exodus 16, the Israelites got upset because they’d recently left Egypt and worried that they were going to starve in the desert. They’d forgotten that God miraculously freed them from the Pharaoh’s tyranny and parted the Red Sea. One would think that the Israelites’ memories would be longer than that, but apparently not.

In Exodus 16:4, God announces that He would send food from heaven to feed the Israelites all they needed. This proclamation is stunning especially since the Israelites were whining that God should have let them die in Egypt. How dramatic, right? Yet, God was faithful even though they were not faithful to Him.

As God sent manna, one of the coolest aspects of this miracle is that everyone has exactly as much as they needed: “Some gathered a lot, some only a little. But when they measured it out, everyone had just enough. Each family had just what it needed (Exodus 16:17-18). Let that settle on you for a moment, especially if you’ve got a provision situation of any type on your mind. God knows exactly what you need, how much you need and most of all, He knows when you need it. God takes care of His children at all times, especially hard times!

Perhaps you are wondering about the line between having a healthy supply or if you’re stockpiling because of fear. Ask God about it. Also, you can begin praying before you shop and ask God if you need it because He’s given you the means of buying it or if you’re buying because you’re afraid that you won’t be able to get it again in the future. God cares about providing for you, so invite Him to speak to your heart.

Let’s Pray

God, thank You for taking care of me each day. I pray for the discernment to know the difference between preparation and fear-based stockpiling. I choose to trust that You will be faithful and provide what I need, how much I need and when I need it.
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Now It’s Your Turn

What’s the difference between a healthy supply of everyday needs or emergency planning and excessive stockpiling?

As you reflect on God’s provision for the Israelites and Jesus’ teaching, what takeaways can you draw for your life?

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19 Responses to “God Knows How to Take Care of You”

  1. Bernadette says:


  2. Janet S Clinkenbeard says:

    This is me Barb- at least it used to be and I discovered I was stockpiling unnecessarily.
    I do still keep a healthy supply of staples in the pantry to cook with and also paper products. During the pandemic I was able to share toilet paper with others because I had a good supply in my closet- not because I hoarded but because I always kept extra. But years ago I had to let go of the fact that I was not in control and trust God for the future.

  3. RW says:

    This is a very timely topic. As reports of a potential recession are more often in the news and we continue to see prices go up on things that we need, thank you for this reminder that God will always provide for us.

    • Avatar photo Barb Roose says:

      RW, I totally agree! We all need the reminder these days that God can handle inflation, recession and anything else that the world drops on us!

  4. Tonia Clark says:

    Awesome message! Great reminder of who is in control at all times. Thanks!

  5. Shannon says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I know people who are stocking up on food and other supplies for fear of what they feel like is coming. Some say God told them to prepare. I’m not saying that God did not tell them that, my thing is my family and I are not in a financial position to stock up. Heck sometimes I feel it is all we can do to get what we need, but we always do..God always provides. I know He will provide for as if times get harder. I sometimes get scared…”what if” I can’t provide food for my children one day…”clothes” for their backs..A roof over their head…etc….This was an awesome reminder that I need not to fear…If God cares for the birds of the air enough to feed them how much more does He care for me…the one He created in His image…the one He sent is only Son to die for…for me for you for everyone. Lord I choose to not look to what is around me…not to see with my natural eyes, but to see with your eyes. I choose to look to You, to put my faith my trust in You and You alone!!!

    • Avatar photo Barb Roose says:

      Yes! Shannon, I love the last part of what you’ve written – that we get to choose to look to God and put our faith and trust in Him alone. That’s so, so good! Thank you for sharing your experience and encouragement with us today.

  6. Carol says:

    Wow, Barb!
    Just was dealing with bills and prayed this am. Asked the Lord for wisdom, and advise on “how do I do this Father?”
    You know I believe that the circumstances of the world have put all of us in this panic mode of “do I…have enough?”
    YES. Jesus told his followers many years ago, about worry and how much the Heavenly Father cares about the small sparrows(Matt. 6: 26-30).
    Thank you for this spot-on devotion this morning!
    Jesus gets our everyday worries. We just have to ask!

    • Avatar photo Barb Roose says:

      Hi Carol, I love that today’s post was so timely for you! Praise God! Matthew 6 is my favorite chapter of the Bible so I appreciate your sharing a piece of it with all of us today. Thank you for being a special voice in our GiG community!

  7. Nathalia says:

    Thank you Barb, that was an amazing reminder. I’m very grateful for these comments as well, very encouraging to put things into perspective- God’s perspective 😁👐🏾🙌🏾! He is our Jireh ! He will NEVER fail us 🤍 !!

    • Avatar photo Barb Roose says:

      Nathalia, I agree! The comments from the other ladies have encouraged me, too. We’re all in this together and best of all, God is taking care of all of us!

  8. Dawn says:


    Thank you for the encouraging devotional. My ladies and I love your studies and are currently doing Surrender and loving it. I pray that GOD blesses you and your family today. Keep up the good work for the Lord.


    • Avatar photo Barb Roose says:

      Hi Dawn! Please tell the ladies in your Surrendered study group that I said hello. I love that God is using the study to bless and encourage all of you!

  9. Blanca says:


    You are on Point!!!!! Thank you!

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