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It is for freedom that Christ has set us free (Galatians 5:1 NIV).

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Some of you might have heard the phrase, “Give it to Jesus,” if there is something you have been struggling with.

You’re venting or expressing your heart, and then you hear, “Give it to Jesus.” As though you haven’t done that because you’re still struggling.

Just the other day I heard those words as I was remembering some of the painful parts of what my dad went through during his ten-month fight in the hospital after getting covid.

My dad – one of my biggest inspirations and one of the strongest and most optimistic people I’ve ever known – at the age of 76, he was even running nine miles a week! I think of how he had the gift of being married to my mom, the love of his life, for almost 50 years, even though his own mom was married seven times. I think of how he had such a great love for people and Jesus and of how I am a daddy’s girl through and through.

I am thankful that at the end of that ten months, he was able to come home for three weeks before he went to be with the Lord in 2021. One of my favorite memories was watching the movie, The Natural, with him. Together. At home. I will cherish that simple moment forever.

But, that painful ten-month season gives me flashbacks, moments of hurt and pain when my mind drifts back to what he experienced.

I have given these moments to Jesus time and time again, knowing he is in the best place he could possibly be right now – with the Lord.

But then a trigger comes, and my heart overflows with tears, my mind spirals with “what ifs”, and my soul is burdened by the pain he endured and from missing him. And, so the cycle continues, and once again, I lay my heart before the Lord, giving it all to Him.

I feel it, cry it, release it, and again, give it to the Lord, a moment at a time. It comes and goes in waves. If you’ve experienced grief, you might be able to relate.

The Lord longs for us to experience freedom as we put it in His hands. Galatians 5:1 tells us that “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.”

You might experience immediate freedom when you give it to the Lord, sharing it with Him with open hands.

Or, the freedom might come for only a moment once you give it to Him, or pray about it, only to find yourself struggling once again with that thing, that heartache, that pain.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you haven’t “given it to the Lord.” It could just mean that you’re human and feel and have emotions, and that some things just take time.

And that’s okay.

Jesus had moments of feeling mad, joyful, and at peace, and He is God. So, as humans, it makes sense that we have ups and downs on the journey of giving it all to Him, a day at a time, a moment at a time.

If the Lord thought we didn’t need to come to him daily about things, He might have said, “Give us this year our yearly bread.”

But, that’s not what He says at all. In Matthew 6:11, Jesus says, “Give us TODAY our DAILY bread.”

We are meant to come to Jesus again and again.

So, then, what does it mean to “give it to Jesus”? I think it means that when that heartache, that pain, that struggle rises in our minds and hearts, we ask the Lord to walk with us, to help us, to free us, to restore us, to strengthen us, again, and again, and again. And, that, is where the freedom and healing comes.

And, that, is “giving it to the Lord”.

Yes, the Lord can work a miracle by setting us free in an instant, but He can also work a miracle by setting us free a moment at a time as we walk step by step with the Lord, and that is beautiful.

And, that, is giving it to the Lord.

Even if some pain and struggle remain.That is just what He wants of us – to keep coming to Him.

Oh, how the Lord wants us to really live by letting Him into our hearts to become our Savior, our Peace, simply by asking Him. And, how He wants to walk with us because He loves us, in whatever we are dealing with, to set us free as we give it to Him.

Day by day.

Moment by moment.

Let’s Pray

Dear Lord, set us free. Thank You that You have set us free to live in eternity with You when we ask You to be our Savior. Lord, set us free here and now too. Moment by moment, we give our pains and struggles and heartaches to You. Help us experience the freedom You have come to give us.
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Now It’s Your Turn

What is something you have given to the Lord, whether it was a one-time thing, or something you have given to Him again and again and again?

How have you experienced freedom in the Lord?

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14 Responses to “Give It to Him Again”

  1. Avatar photo Tamra says:

    Thank you for this heartfelt devotion. My 30 year old daughter, lost her active coaching Dad to COVID. It was an awful 3 weeks in the hospital, with an overwhelming amount of prayers. Unfortunately, God’s plan wasn’t our plan. This has shaken my daughter, her relationship with the Lord, and even our relationship has become different. She is blessed with a wonderful husband and she is a woman and teacher. I continue to pray for her comfort and strength.

  2. Avatar photo Cyndee says:

    Good Morning and Thank you for sharing this message ✨ I have always believed that even though we give our grief and pain to Jesus, that doesn’t mean we won’t feel sadness over the situation because we are human and whatever our struggle, those things do matter to us…By giving our cares to Jesus, we are asking for His help. He will carry us through, and for that I am thankful! God bless you every second… today and forever ✨

  3. Avatar photo Mary says:

    Good morning and thank you for the devotion. I have given something to God and I’m still waiting for him to deliver. Thank you for reminding me that I can go back to him again and again asking for strength to get me through each moment of the day until the breakthrough. May God continue to bless you.

  4. Avatar photo Kim says:

    I thank you for reminding me that I’m not running the show! I have been so angry since my aunt’s death a few days ago. This anger and sadness has leaked all over my daily life. I must surrender to His will each day. Thy will not mine be done. God makes acceptance possible, and I have to be patient.
    Thank you

  5. Avatar photo Pretty girl says:

    “I am a Daddy’s Girl through and through”. I’m his lil firefighter, officer of peace to the shepherd, sanitation worker, plumber, white van driver that takes out the lonely for a ride, gardener etc. lol

  6. Avatar photo Carol says:

    Thankful, for this devotional.
    I’ve been going through this season of impatience with the Lord, and this writing has help me a lot.
    I’m waiting for some answers for others and I realize, my needing Him to answer is God’s way of reminding me to be consistent in my prayer life. I need to come to Him, for companionship, for open conversation, for quiet worship and gratitude.
    And Kim….thank you for your reference to “Thy will, not mine be done”. Thank you, for that reminder.
    “Dear Lord, let us be mindful of your power. YOU are the one who is conducting our travels through this earthly journey. Please, accept our mistakes and realize we will wait and watch for You to move us in the right direction. We love You, and thank you for you constant care and love over our lives. In Jesus’ name, we pray…Amen.”

    I’m going to re-read Galatians 5 and John 17. Jesus and Apostle Paul, will be my teachers, this am…

  7. Avatar photo Marcela says:

    Few months ago my 32 weeks baby diez after one and a half days he was born.
    Struggling at the beginning with the fact that we asked for a miracle was a challenges for me and I got mad with my first and higher love, my heavenly Dad…
    As time was going by, the Lord gave me His peace and love to fill those empty places and it doesn’t mean that, sometimes, when I see a while dots baby blanket as my sones, I remember and somehow hurts.
    But something I can truly say now is that it hurt in a bigger way feeling separared from my Dad and I am grateful of recovering my relationship with Him since he is the One and Only who could lifted me when I was in the lowest places.

  8. Cindee, Thank you so much for taking the time to read my article and for your encouraging and comforting words. I totally agree with you. He is with us along the way helping us. Grateful indeed. ~ Linsey

  9. Tamra, I’m so so sorry to hear about your daughter’s dad and the pain of it and the pain that it has caused. That is so difficult. I can understand her having a difficult time as it can seem so confusing to us. I pray that the Lord would heal her heart and continue drawing her to Him. A book that helped me a lot was “A Grace Disguised” by Jerry Sitter. He is a Christian author who lost his wife, mom, and 4-year-old daughter in a car wreck all at once. The book is very encouraging and it helped me a lot. If she reads this article I pray that it encourages her. Hugs, Linsey

  10. Mary, Thank you for your comment. Yes, the Lord will continue working in your heart. I pray that He will help you set your heart and mind on Him a moment at a time as He gives you His freedom. ~ Linsey

  11. Kim, I’m so sorry about your aunt – that is so difficult. All your emotions are so very normal. What a mature perspective to remember “Thy will be done”. There’s no better place to be than there. That gives me peace, that at the end of the day, God is over all, above all, and in all. We’re just not here forever and what a gift that we are able to be with Him forever when we believe in Him. When we don’t understand everything we can remember that. Hugs, Linsey

  12. Kim, I forgot to share but this was a really helpful booklet set about grief – it doesn’t create a bandaid but walks you through it. each pamphlet is a quick read. There are 4 : “Journeying through Grief” by Stephen Ministries

  13. Carol, Thank you for your comment. And what a beautiful place to come to of knowing the Lord wants you to continue seeking Him. Amen. Thank you for the prayer too! ~ Linsey

  14. Marcela, First, I am so sorry about your son. That has to be so very difficult. Thank you for sharing your honest emotions about it all. You articulated the process so well – there are so many emotions, and how wonderful that God never leaves our side through all of them. I pray the Lord blesses you greatly and comforts you. Hugs, Linsey

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