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“Jesus turned and saw her. “Take heart, daughter,” he said, “your faith has healed you,” (Matthew 9:22 NIV).

Friend to Friend

Just the other day, I got a bit lost going to pick up takeout at a restaurant I had never been before. Once I arrived and got in line, I watched the woman in front of me with a baby in a stroller. God prompted me. “Pay for her meal.”

So, I did.

With tears in her eyes, she said, “How did you know my situation?”

I assured her that I had never seen her before, and I didn’t know anything about her “situation.” I also assured her that God did.

We talked for quite sometime. This woman was in a very dark chapter of her life. She had lost her job. Her daughter was an addict. Her funds were running low, and she had just been awarded full custody of that little baby granddaughter in the stroller.

I’m glad I was paying attention to what God was doing.

All day long God is working in us and around us. It is so easy to simply go about the task of living without seeing God’s handprints on our circumstances and footprints on our paths. When we see life as a “to do list” to check off, or random acts of fortune to celebrate or misfortune to endure, we miss seeing God and hearing His voice as the scarlet thread that connects the moments and the days of our lives.

Frederick Buechner noted, “All the absurd little meetings, decisions, inner skirmishes that go to make up our days. It all adds up to very little, and yet it all adds up to very much. Our days are full of nonsense, and yet not, because it is precisely into the nonsense of our days that God speaks to us words of great significance…”

When Jesus came to earth in human form, He had a definite plan and purpose. The Bible tells us, “The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work,”

(I John 3:8). Another translation says it this way: “The reason the Son of God was made manifest (visible) was to undo (destroy, loosen and dissolve) the works of the devil [has done]” (Amplified).

Even though Jesus’ had a plan and a purpose, He welcomed interruptions when His Father placed someone in His path. Jesus turned aside to care for the woman caught in adultery. He turned aside to heal a blind man. He turned aside to bless children even though the disciples tried to shoo them away.

He turned aside to heal a woman who had been bleeding for twelve years. Matthew tells us, “Jesus turned and saw her. “Take heart, daughter,” he said, “your faith has healed you,” (Matthew 9:22 NIV).

He turned aside to speak to curious Zacchaeus perched in a tree. He turned aside to woo a frightened insecure fourteen-year-old girl and welcome her with open arms – me.

Jesus paid attention to the circumstances of those around Him as he went from one place of ministry to the next. He noticed a woman mourning in a funeral procession for her only son, a woman drawing water by a well, and a lame man lying by a pool. To those looking on, they may have seen each of these situations as an interruption in Jesus’ busy schedule, but Jesus saw them as divine appointments.

For me, getting lost that day was an interruption. But you see, it wasn’t an interruption at all. It was a divine appointment I would have missed had I not taken a “wrong turn.” God had me on special assignment to tell one of His daughters that she was loved and seen. So, my wrong turn was God’s right turn.

Today, as you go through the tasks of daily living, pay attention to those around you. You never know when someone in your path may be your special assignment from God.

Let’s Pray

Dear Lord, I have so much to do today, but nothing is as important as what You have for me to do. Help me to pay attention to the lives around me and recognize any special assignments that You may have for me today.
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Now It’s Your Turn

Pay close attention to any unusual circumstances or interruptions that happen today.

Think of a time when you stopped what you were doing to take on a special assignment from God. Big or little, it’s all important. Leave a comment and let’s encourage one another!

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10 Responses to “Divine Interruptions”

  1. Cindy says:

    Your post about interruptions spoke to my heart as I am in CT visiting family and friends. Some of the nursing homes here may strike on Friday and I received a text asking me if I will agree to work the strike. It’s been years since I have worked in a nursing home as a CNA. I signed up. I pray the strike is averted but are ready to help if needed. I know God has me in this situation but Satan is in my ear reminding me of my rusty skills. I prayed all night for Gods strength. “Such a time as this”

  2. Cheryl says:

    Your message today touched me very deeply….There have been many times in my life that God has led me on interruptions. One that sticks out most in my mind is driving home from waitressing at midnight, pregnant and very young. My “new” car just died (something electrical) on the side of the road on a major 4 lane route through town. I looked over and noticed someone sitting on the church steps (it actually was an old church not in use) and thought that is odd. I sat there wondering what I should do when someone knocked on my window. I rolled it down a crack and she asked me if I was ok and if I needed help. I started to reply that I was just fine when I noticed she had been crying. I then said, the question really is are you ok? She ended up sitting in my car and talking to me about a struggle about her young son that she had been dealing with. I was able to talk to her about it from a place of experience she said that she had prayed for a sign that everything was going to be okay. After talking for what seemed like hours, she got out of my car, it started right up, and I drove home. That was a very big God interruption and I am very thankful that he used me. I never saw her again but truly hope that it did all work out.

  3. tina says:


    Love this one. Matthew 18-26 was such a blessing to me this morning. It is full of important truths. Thank you for what you do and for directing us to this great passage this morning. I love I John 3:8 – “The reason the son of God appeared was to destroy the devils work.” You remind us that even though Jesus had a plan and a purpose he welcomed interruptions. This is something I definitely need to work on and a reminder of today. And also, to focus on those around me more and not just my situations.

  4. Carol says:

    Thank you, for this!
    I’ve been reading and praying on this subject.
    We, as believers may be the only “lantern of light” someone sees during their trying day. Especially now, everyone needs a moment of kindness and
    thoughtfulness, just to get through!
    Thank you Sharon, for the reminder to be an “un-doer” for someone today.

  5. ARLENE says:

    Good morning,

    Thank you for the lesson and reminder to be aware of the lives of others around us.

    I do recall a divine interruption. It was a gentleman. He had a need and God prompted me to help with him with that need. I invited a (homeless) stranger man in to my car to drive him to buy food. This isn’t something I normally do.
    I was at peace with the situation because I knew it was from God. He shared about his life and we prayed before parting ways.

  6. Cathy says:

    I loved this lesson. Similar experiences have happened to me several times in the grocery store. I believe God puts these people in my path and gives me opportunities to share Him with others. I ask him to let me see who He wants me to see and He always delivers! Bless you for sharing your story.

  7. Deborah says:

    This morning’s devotion on “Divine Interruptions” hit a home run. I had an encounter with someone about three weeks ago. Wish you were here with me so I could give you the details. God put me in that very long pharmacy drive-through for sure. I was humbled that He saw fit to use me to minister to a very frustrated young Mama with a sick little “Baby On Board”. Keep those inspiring devotions coming! Love GIG!!!❤️

  8. Evergrace says:

    Today was such a Blessing!

  9. Camille says:

    So loved this message!! Nothing is more exciting and joyful than God directing your life in paths that you don’t understand… and then you do!! Another assignment from Him!!

  10. Peggie says:

    Divine Interruptions..blessed by that this morning! While vacationing in Florida recently, I was ‘interrupted’ twice, once for a man who, even though was visiting the beach with his family, was being somewhat neglected as he found himself in a situation that required assistance with personal care. I hope I served him with dignity as I rallied the help he needed. Another was for a dog I saw being unbelievably neglected. I respect animals as a wonderful part of Gods amazing creation that we are charged to tend and care for.
    I’ve prayed for them both many times since. We are blessed to bless others. I pray I’m never ‘too busy’ to recognize a divine interruption 🙏🏻

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