Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”

Matthew 11:28

Friend to Friend

Since the start of the new year, three words have been ringing in my ears: “Come to Me.” Matthew 11:28 has been hidden in my heart for as long as I can remember, but recently I’ve heard the Lord speak this intimate invitation to me personally, in light of all the things I tend to run to, turn to, “come” to.

“Come to Me.”

As I turn to comfort food: “Come to Me, I’m the Great Comforter.”

As I turn on my computer; “Come to Me, I want to connect with you.”

As I head into Target for a little retail therapy, “Come to Me, let me be your Counselor.”

As I make a phone call to talk through my stress with a friend; “Come to Me… Call on Me!

As I turn into Starbucks for something sweet; “Come to Me, my words are sweet as honey.”

As I scroll through Facebook; “Don’t follow them, follow Me. Come to Me.”

As I open up Amazon Prime; “Come to Me, I’m free and I’ll set you free!”

As I binge watch another late-night TV show; “Come. To. Me.”

“Come to Me.”

There are so many things that I mindlessly “come to” each day — so many things that I eat, read, watch, buy, consume… But God is speaking clearly to me: “Come to me, consume Me, and let me consume you.”

Are you weary and heavy laden? Experiencing a void that social media, food, and shopping simply can’t fill? Take the weight of it all to the Lord. If you’re worn out, exhausted, running to all the false gods this world has to offer… take it all to Him. He has the shoulders to carry your burdens. The One who shouldered the cross, can shoulder your pain. It’s what He does. Amazon Prime can’t do it. Facebook can’t do it. Brownies can’t do it for you either. It’s not their job. It’s God’s job.

“Come to Me.”

He is able to carry your hurting relationships square on His shoulders. He can handle your fears and your failures. He can carry your sin-struggles and your shame. He alone can carry the weight of it all, all the way up Calvary’s hill. And at the foot of the cross, He can lay it down on your behalf. In exchange for those heavy burdens, He offers His light yoke. That’s what He gives us when we give it all to Him.

“Come. Come to Me. Bring it all to Me, and I will give you rest.”

Let’s Pray

Dear Lord, Your Word isn’t a far off and long-ago record of an old and distant God. You are speaking clearly today to my listening heart. “Come to Me” You’re inviting me now. Holy Spirit, give me Your in-dwelt courage to stop turning to social media, to stop turning to my phone, to stop turning to shopping and eating and friendship with this world… none of those things have ever been able to alleviate my stress of lift my burdens. Give me the constant, kind conviction to come to You, with all that concerns me today.

In Jesus’ heavy-lifting Name,


Now It’s Your Turn

Sweet friends, where have you been taking your burdens? Whether it’s to the gym or the mall or online… consider today how temporary those things are. Only Christ is eternal, every other solution is fleeting at best.

More from the Girlfriends

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10 Responses to “Come to Me”

  1. Debbie says:

    This really spoke to me! So many times I have turned to friends or FB to talk out that which is bothering me, when I should be talking it out with God!

  2. Pat says:

    This has meant so much to me as I want to keep letting my grief be with Him to heal. I’ve had a loss of a family member and reminder of the anniversary of my mom’s passing and it’s been so painful. I know God can take that pain and heal it but it seems to come a little bit at a time. It means learning to rest in God’s timing as the healing comes through going a layer at a time in my heart and soul. This verse brings such comfort!

    Thank you for writing this! Pat

  3. Sherri says:

    thank you so much for this post this am… true story…was at Target last night because I needed some therapy, sitting here with my Starbucks, after just leaving my girlfreinds house… opened this up, feeling so blue… and there it is…. God,, saying meet me…not all the other stuff that you are trying to fill up the burdens with… thank you…. this is my God moment today…HE longs to fill and meet my needs

  4. Tammy says:

    Wendy, this was just so good. Thank you.

  5. RL says:

    What an incredible gift this devotion is for me. I asked God recently what He wanted to confront in me.
    The integrity of my walk with Him was one of two issues He spoke, then I read today’s devotion and HE SPOKE yet again through a witness that knows nothing of my story, journey, struggle or my questions. The gloriously beauty is that HE spoke so clearly through today’s devotion to ensure that I knew it was HIM, no coincidence.
    Thank you for your faithfulness and for the authentic testimony. Today it was just for me.
    a grateful

  6. Joy says:

    This really spoke to me. Thank you!

  7. Wendy Speake says:

    I am right there with you, Sister. Convicted, but not stuck in the conviction, Today is the first day of the Social Media Fast and I am so excited to practice the Holy Habit of seeking Him first! Much love to you!

  8. Wendy Speake says:

    Dear Pat,

    I am so sorry for your loss. I am trusting that The Lord’s invitation to come to Him for comfort and healing will woo you today and in the days ahead. He is so faithful to us in our aches and pains. So tender and loving.


  9. Wendy Speake says:


    This comment was the best! You know it’s true, don’t you? We tend to turn to anything and everything if we don’t INTENTIONALLY turn to Him. Not sure if you’ve joined the fast, but today is day one and I have been overwhelmed by His nearness today! Much love,

  10. Wendy Speake says:


    WONDERFUL! God is so kind to speak to our hearts so clearly!


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