Today’s Truth

“In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 1:4-6

 Friend to Friend

It was a long day with a longer to-do list. I was chipping away at it, but running out of emotional and physical steam. What I needed was a large Chick-fil-A sweet tea. As I pulled into the restaurant parking lot, I heard that flapping noise of a flat tire.

I turned into a parking space and called AAA. Then I pulled up a book on my Kindle app on my iPhone, unwrapped my straw, and took a sip of tea.

An hour later, a nice man showed up to change my tire. Two hours later I left the Chick-fil-A parking lot and headed home. Now, this still might not sound like a very exciting story to you, but for me, it was a small victory.

Here’s what I didn’t do. I didn’t cry, fuss at God, or fall apart because the air in my schedule leaked out with the air in my tire.

And that, my friend, was reason to celebrate!

My default mode would have been to do all three: cry, fuss at God, and fall apart. Then I’d go home in a bad mood for my husband to endure. But not today. So I celebrated that one good moment of a bad day when I responded well.

Driving back home, and thinking about this one small attitudinal victory, I thought about a passage in the Bible. In 1 Samuel 14, King Saul and his men were battling the Philistines. His son, Jonathan, and his armor bearer left 600 soldiers relaxing under a pomegranate tree and went up to face their enemies alone. The duo killed about 20 men in an area of about half an acre. Then God threw the Philistines into confusion, and they started killing each other.

It was a small victory, but a victory nonetheless. But rather than celebrate the win, Saul made a decree that the men couldn’t eat until they achieved total victory. Total. All the enemies destroyed.

Jonathan didn’t get the memo about the moratorium on food. And as the army walked through the woods, he dipped his staff in a honeycomb and had a sweet treat. His eyes brightened, and he was refreshed. The other men were weak from hunger, and in no condition to fight.

Jonathan’s dad was furious. Almost killed the boy. Almost lost the war. He was not a good king.

Oh, friend, too many of us are waiting until we have total victory in our lives before we celebrate. We wait for perfection, which will never come. We beat up on ourselves for our missteps and mishaps. All the while we miss dipping into the honeycomb of celebration God provides.

You’ll never have total victory this side of heaven, but you will have some. Don’t miss them! See them! Seize them! Celebrate them!

Celebrate the times when you don’t yell at the kids. Hurray!

Celebrate the times when you don’t respond to the sarcastic cashier with a sarcastic word right back. Praise God!

Celebrate the times when you don’t fall apart because your schedule does. Do the happy dance!

Celebrate the times when you didn’t eat that extra bowl of ice cream. You go, girl!

Celebrate the times when you stubbed your toe and didn’t say a curse word. Well, praise God for that!

God is changing you, transforming you, and re-making you every day. Paul wrote to the Philippians, “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” (Philippians 1:6). Even though you may not respond to all of life’s foibles and fall-outs in a God-honoring way, take a moment to celebrate the times you do.

Let’s Pray

Lord, I’m so glad You’re still working on me—that You don’t give up on me even when I want to give up on myself. Help me see the progress I’m making, and not just the times I still fall short.

In Jesus’ Name,


Now It’s Your Turn

Do you tend to focus on your failures or your victories?

What do you think the devil wants you to focus on?

What do you think God wants you to focus on?

What did Jesus focus on when he met with Peter in John 21:15-17? His failure or his future?

Leave a comment and share one recent victory, no matter how small. Let’s celebrate.

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17 Responses to “Celebrating Good Moments Even in Bad Days”

  1. Anna says:

    I am getting married in just over 2 weeks and we have had the week where everything goes wrong last week…
    This week my victory has been in finding peace that God has got it all handled! That I have been able to write my to-do lists without panicking, small but a huge step for me!

  2. Julia says:

    Through Prayer……..
    Thank You so much for Today’s Devotional!
    It spoke to me and my heart is full! I’ve been feeling at loose ends and I am a Procrastinator by nature as I used to make lists and I haven’t since I became ill, My Father died and Ten Years later same month, Mother died. Three Years Ago I lost my only Sibling, my little Sister! I have had many bad days and given into them. Today I’m letting go of all the past and leave it there. I feel such a Burden lifted from me, not the Despair that was sitting heavy upon my chest!
    Thank you Lord, Thank you for your forgiveness and mercy!
    I’m not worthy but I feel release, calm and focused for Today.
    One Day at a Time, I will become that person I used to be.
    Praise The Lord for Girlfriends In God❣️❣️❣️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  3. April says:

    This week has been one of the roughest, even a little water works during one night time prayer. While doing my job so well I became a target for all upper management to try to get rid of me as site safety manager. This week they are working overtime and I was said to be the reason my counter partner quit after a mental breakdown from my partner in the middle of a big meeting, today is the day of the big corporate meeting that decides if I have to go or get to stay. With every thing I had in me I prayed for all management trying to do me wrong, tears and all I could only say Jesus please help them in anything they are dealing with in their life.
    Small but I felt like a nice win I still attempted to pray for my enemies last night and again this morning here at work.

  4. Alesia says:

    Job opportunities/prospects: contact from headhunters…I am looking for a better job.

  5. Lisa says:

    Yesterday I threw away a narcotic pain pill someone gave me

  6. Jessica says:

    My recent victory was when I made my baby sleep for 30 minutes without stress with her because she didn’t want to sleep. With paciance, I sang to her until she fell asleep. Let’s praise God!

  7. Karen says:

    Thank you Jesus!! Thank you Sharon……so needed that word this morning. Yesterday….well….I felt like that. But God. He knows and loves us all soo much! I really like the song “Known” by Tauren Wells….it is so true. He is soo personal and knows just what we need every nano second…and beyond. I have so much to learn. I’m so overwhelmed and grateful that He is not finished with me yet…..that He is faithful and has never failed me yet. I choose to celebrate those moments……and remember the times He has always been faithful….and focus on Him!

  8. Marty says:

    The Lord is teachers me each day to “Be still and know that He is God”. Feel so much peace when I allow Him to lead and direct my path.

  9. Becky says:

    I love love love this devotional and really needed this in my life. This year has been a very difficult time for me and my family. It has been a year of several changes and transitions and we have been trying to catch our bearings. Recently, I have felt defeated, like the world is against us. Dramatic, I know. But, seriously it has been rough. Last week I saw a bill in our family’s bill folder from a couple months back that was due in May. I recently took over our family’s finances, so I questioned my hubby about it and of course he said, “Oh yeah. I was going to call on that, but I forgot.” The bill was for quite a bit of money that we just don’t have right now. I was devastated and angry and couldn’t understand the bill or my husband’s apathy. I decided to handle it like a professional adult and call the company, but pray first. The lady on the other end of the phone was super nice and asked if I would like her to wipe the bill out and start over with a clean slate. Holy cow! Didn’t see that coming. I prayed for the Lord to bless her dear life. Win for the day. A small one, but what a celebration.

  10. julie says:

    one recent victory is trying a new recipe that loved and hubby actually liked it. (I am on a strict diet bc of health issues). got tired of eating the same thing everyday 24/7 for dinner.

    also trying a new recipe well few new recipes for cookies for our church mission trip that was hubbbys idea to try. they I guess turned out good. didn’t try them.

    tried a new recipe for baking wanted to use up fresh fruit in fridge instead of smoothies or fruit salad. (just sub some things in the recipe to make it healthier (gluten free flour instead of reg flor. and honey instead of sugar. to me you cant tell a difference at all. (made strawberry muffins/bread and blueberry muffins and bread. and today going to make lemon blueberry muffins. that are all gluten free.

  11. Margarita says:

    I celebrate that I survived cancer twice; breast cancer 25 years ago, and Ovarian Cancer 3 years ago. This puts all the little trials in my life into perspective, so I don’t sweat the small things (or at least I try not too). There are still times that I feel overwhelmed in life, so I read Philipians 4:13- “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me” and Jeremiah 29:11- “For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord. They are plans for good and not disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” I am truly blessed to be a child of God.

  12. Dee says:

    I am in an unplanned job search. Yesterday, after being ‘a leading candidate’ for 2 jobs, I received 2 calls…both ‘went in another direction with other candidates’. I admit that I was disappointed, but not angry or broken. And, Praise God!…He is directing my path and is giving me clarity on where He does NOT want me to go. Now, for patience to wait for where He will send me!

  13. Elaine says:

    My house is a mess and I have so much stuff but I will celebrate that I am getting rid of things!even though it doesn’t look like it yet. The Lord is helping me!

  14. Joyce says:

    Celebrating a victory in cutting out sugar and extra carbs from my diet, adding more veggies and fresh food. The victory shows in a small reduction in weight so far. My goal is a better result on blood sugar and cholesterol at my next doctor visit in two months.
    Thank you for the encouragement in making small steps in the right direction and not listening to the enemy’s discouragement!

  15. April says:

    With Gods help through prayer and conversion I have been able to forgive, reload and restore Gods plan for my life. He reminds me daily that my way is not always his way and that he knows better for me and expects greatness from me. He has always wanted me to lead and teach but also to learn and to release unto him. I am so very thankful to God for waiting on his stubborn child to become the Queen he created and to be able to lead and teach by his example in me. Thanks Be to God!

  16. kimmie says:

    My daughter found out she failed the final of the summer course she was taking (and dropped during Fall Semester last year). That’s how our day started. I took her brother to work. Came home to regroup. Explained that she definitely needs to find out if she failed the whole class. Then, I gathered the things I needed to run errands….said a prayer for all if us under my breath….and walked out the door. I finished my errands with a walk in the nature park with thoughts and prayers running through my head. My daughter came out of her cave and seemed a little better. I asked her to take the dog for a walk. I’m not saying it’s allllll better but definitely small victories today!

  17. Kym says:

    I needed to hear this. i am working on finding my self esteem and validation in God rather than my husband. Today i am celebrating that my husband took my daughter to church by himself as i am sick with cold/bronchitis and didn’t feel well enough. Despite the fact that he is preaching and it is father’s day and i am (mostly) not feeling guilty about it. It was his decision to take her, i was going to keep her home with me. But yes, I am not feeling guilty, I have done my best and been praying through the whole situation and i feel that’s all God expects of me.

    But reading through these comments I have a lot of little things to be thankful for.

    I like the idea of finding little victories in hard days as i need that at the moment

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