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Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore, honor God with your body.

(1 Corinthians 6:19, NIV)

Friend to Friend

I have struggled with weight issues since I was a little girl. Part of my struggle is rooted in “fluffy” genes lovingly passed down to me through several generations of “fluffy” relatives. The remainder of my struggle is firmly rooted in the fact that I hate exercise, take medications that cause weight gain, enjoy eating, and sometimes use food as an emotional outlet and reward.

Over the years, I have tried just about every diet I could find. I could always lose weight. I just could not keep it off. The day came when I threw in the towel.

My name is Mary, and I am a Carboholic.

I was done. I was burned out on diets and quick fixes. I didn’t want to be a certain size. I just wanted to feel good and to be as healthy as I could possibly be at this point in my life.

I went to a highly recommended Christian nutritionist who asked me to complete a packet of 500 questions (not kidding), did an EKG, ran more blood tests than I have ever had run in my life, and introduced me to the coolest machine that measures fat and muscle in the body. After all the tests were in, Dr. Tague smiled at me and calmly said, “Mary, you are a malnourished woman.”

My mouth literally fell open in shock. At the time, I was at least 40 pounds overweight and ate pretty much everything in sight whenever I felt the slightest twinge of hunger. How could I possibly be malnourished?

The doctor went on to explain that I was indeed eating … but I was eating all the wrong things … at all the wrong times. In fact, I was dangerously low in several key vitamins and minerals. He handed me a small paper cup filled with a mixture of those vitamins and minerals to take before leaving his office and said, “If you were my patient in the hospital, I would not release you until some of these levels came up.” Now he had my undivided attention.

God often works the same way.

I spend more time working on ministry checklists than I spend in God’s Word.

Prayer is more often a drive-through event than the sit-down-at-His-feet experience it should be.

I give God the leftovers of my day when I should purposefully plan my time with Him.

Rather than investing time in relationships, I follow friends on Facebook or text them to ease my guilt.

I choose what is easiest and more convenient in ministry instead of choosing the best part of ministry, which is often messy and inconvenient.

I often allow the hedges of protection to go untended, resulting in a lack of boundaries and margins in my life.

I allow myself to become a malnourished Christian.

God then lovingly but unquestionably gets my attention in several ways – a crisis that knocks every prop but Him out from under me, or an illness that rips every choice out of my hands and really makes me stop. I can then get the spiritual nourishment that really feeds my soul. Nourishment like sustaining time in the Word of God … significant, life-giving time in prayer … nurturing time with encouraging friends … opportunities to give myself away in service.

After following the carefully laid out plan of my nutritionist, I have lost those pounds, but that is not the best or most important news. I feel better than I have felt in many years! My blood work, EKGs, and BMI (body mass index) are all perfect. And the doctor has now pronounced me a well-nourished woman.

I want to be a well-nourished Christian. I am taking the next year to get my spiritual ducks in a row. I am seeking God on what I should and should not do. I am setting boundaries and asking my husband and accountability group to hold my feet to the fire in keeping those boundaries firmly in place. I am practicing saying “no.” I am bringing order to any areas of chaos. I am resting beside the still waters. And I know He will restore my soul just as He has restored my body in so many ways.

How about you? Are you a malnourished Christian? Today is the day to take a step toward spiritual health!

Let’s Pray

Father, I celebrate the amazing truth that You chose to live in me and that my body is Your temple. Please forgive me when I abuse that temple. Forgive me when I fail to spend time in Your Word and at Your feet in prayer. I need Your strength and power to practice Godly discipline. I want to become healthy in every area of my life – for my good and for Your glory.

In Jesus’ Name,


Now It’s Your Turn

Evaluate your physical and spiritual health. Use the lists below to help you get started. What steps do you need to take to be healthier? Make a plan to get started today.






___Time in the Word



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4 Responses to “But Being Healthy is Boring!”

  1. Kathye says:

    Oh Mary… Such a great devotion this morning. I need to post this verse in my house somewhere. I need to put ‘nourishment” sign on top of my pantry. So easily I forget that food is nourishment not a reward or time of day. Thank you!! And I need to remember that this body is His and should be treated as such.

  2. Trish says:

    Good morning Mary,
    Boy did you hit the proverbial nail on the head, right down to the fluffy genes passed down.
    I have done WW 4 times, exercised with Jack Lalaine, Sweat with Richard Simmons, And that is just a few. I have always exercised until about 9 years ago when I was hit by a drunk driver. I never got back to where I could exercise much.
    I am old and my physical body is falling apart. My mind wants to do so many things. So I am doing small things and spending more time with Jesus. Sometimes I get the feeling I am supposed to let go and let God take care of me. I still have PURPOSE. He tells me this every day. I find myself thanking Jesus for more and more small blessings. We sit, we talk, we sing, we pray. What better way to spend my days.
    Thank you Mary and all you girlfriendsingod ladies. You are a big part of my morning devotions. May God bless you and your devotion to God and we your God Family. 🙏❤️

  3. Janet Marie says:

    Just what I needed today. I have been so good, at least I thought I was. Got on scale yesterday and lost 1 lb. Whoopee.
    I have to agree, it isn’t the size, though I would like to look better or at least know how to put on makeup correctly, it is the health issue that bother’s me. It seems the day I turned 60, it felt like I was finding that I can’t do the things I want to or use to.

    I know our bodies are not ours and that we need to take care of them. They are a gift. But being human and a woman, we tend to want to look good. While growing up and at times today, we see on tv beautiful people and advertisements to make us look better. The body we are in is what God intended for us. It is the acceptation that we need to learn to deal with.

    This devotional says it all. Thank you for the inspiration and knowing I am not alone in this battle.

    Stay safe,

  4. Rhonda says:

    This was a very spot-on devotional. I resonated with all the ways you mentioned of being malnourished spiritually. But in this time of self-isolation and sheltering at home, it’s almost as if God has given us a mandatory order to slow down, take some time out and refocus on those things that are most important. It’s an opportunity to look at things in our lives and see what is working and what’s not working. I have made an effort to spend more time in prayer and spend extended time in the Word during these days, and it has made such a difference! I feel closer to the Lord than I have in a while and I find myself thinking of Him more often throughout the day; mindful of His presence, listening for His voice. It gives such a reassurance in what can be a very disquieting time. God Bless you!

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