Today’s Truth

Today’s Truth

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3)

Friend To Friend

I love my girlfriends. I love doing life with friends who “get me.” I love having tangles of conversations over hot coffee that are stranded together with light-hearted laughter, rich revelations, loads of love, treasures of time, and gobs of grace.

Though sharing beautiful life-moments is always fun, some of the most powerful blessings of friendship for me have been found in broken places. In the trenches. Those places where our troubles and fears scream loudly and long to be quieted by the understanding heart of a friend. Times when we rise up to encourage one another with God’s promises, share reminders of His truth, extend challenges to believe, offer prayers for problems and speak hope to a sister who’s hurting.

A few years ago, after a long conversation with a girlfriend who was in a painfully broken place, I was burdened. Heavily. Her shared-pain had become my pain. I ached for her to experience the hope of Christ in and through her hurt. Though she knew the Lord, she felt like her prayers were falling on deaf divine ears. She needed me to listen, to cry with her, and to point her right back to Jesus.

As I prayed for my friend and considered her burdens, I was inspired to write a song of encouragement. I later co-wrote a song with her in mind.

I’m not sure where this message of hope finds you.

Sometimes we just need to be reminded that God cares and that He is compassionate.

Sometimes we just need to be reminded that God sees us, knows us, hears us and loves us. That He is faithful, powerful and never wastes a hurt. Perhaps you need a word of encouragement today. Perhaps you know a friend who needs this word. The best thing we can do for our friends is to love them and point them to Jesus.

The song I co-wrote is called Healer of the Broken. Read the lyric and then click the link below to listen to the song.

Healer Of The Broken

by Gwen Smith and Sue C. Smith

Oh wounded heart

My hurting friend

Desperate and afraid

You’re not invisible

Someone knows the pain you’re in

You can run to Him

The Healer of the broken
The friend to every sinner
Who knows the sorrow of each scar
Every time you call on
The Savior who is waiting
He will meet you where you are
And heal your broken heart

He knows your name

Each midnight fear

When you try to hide

Or fight for one more breath

Love will be your safe retreat

He will give you peace

In every valley
In every pain
Jesus is with you
Just call His name
Call His name

Turn on your speakers and CLICK HERE to listen to the song Healer of the Broken.

Let’s Pray

Dear Lord, Thank you for reminding me that You hear the cries of your children and that You are a God who loves to bring beauty to our brokenness. Please meet me where I am today and give me the grace to grow through these trials.

In Jesus’ Name,


Now It’s Your Turn

Galatians 6:2 tells us to, “bear one another’s burdens.” What or who comes to mind as you read this?

Read and contemplate the following Scripture passage: “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted.” (Psalm 34:18) How does this make you feel?

More From The Girlfriends

The song Healer of the Broken is featured on Gwen’s Uncluttered CD. You can download the song from iTunes or Amazon – or order her CDs on

7 Responses to “Healer of the Broken”

  1. Beth says:

    I needed this today!

  2. Antoinette says:

    Thank you so much for your song and words of encouragement!

  3. Vikki says:

    Over the last few weeks I have read the devotions for Girlfriends in God. This has given me hope and comfort in which I can only describe as the worse time of my life. Tragically I lost My Beautiful Daughter Katie aged 19, five months ago in a car accident. Since then I can honestly say I am definitely broken into what feels like a thousand pieces! I haven’t been able to listen to any music since the accident as its all just been too painful but late one evening came across one of Gwen’s songs since then I have listened to it many times. I feel God knows exactly how I am feeling as every psalm and reading on the day I read it is so poignant. I would like to thank you for your music and blog as I looked forward to reading it each day and haven’t felt like that in a while.

    • Julie says:

      Vikki I’m so sorry for your loss. You are in my prayers. Julie

    • Stacey says:

      I am so sorry Vikki for your loss. My son was killed in an auto accident at 19, 2 years and 3 months ago, Dec. 30, 2012. I feel like God speaks to me in many ways and the right time when I read these devotions. May God continue to comfort your everyday and get you through those tough moments.

  4. Lizzy says:

    This was great! I have a friend who I plan to share this with and I know this will help both of us to grow and become closer to God.

  5. winifred says:

    Its my first time in this page but a friend on facebook on the other page. I so needed this right now. I am going through seperation and at a distance from my husband and daughter. I am praying for restoration in Jesus name.

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