Today’s Truth

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

Psalm 51:10

Friend to Friend

I just got my braces off…again.

I have had braces on my upper teeth three times. Count them. One. Two. Three.

As the orthodontist explained, “Teeth have a memory. They always want to go back to the way they were.”

As soon as he said those words, I felt convicted. I have a tendency to go back to the way I was.

We all do.

Karen (not her real name) admitted to single handedly destroying her marriage with passive aggressive coldness, destructive words, and disrespect of the worst kind. After her husband walked away from the marriage, she had a Holy Spirit moment and completely changed her life. She felt conviction over what she had done, her heart softened, and she vowed never be that woman again. Karen had a beautiful holy glow of a woman who knew she was totally forgiven and completely loved by God. Miraculously, her ex-husband saw the change, and the marriage was restored!

However, after a few years, the destructive behavior began to creep back in.

A word here.

A cold shoulder there.

A retreating into self for weeks at a time.

Ten years after the miraculous restoration, the marriage crashed and burned.

“Teeth have a memory. They always want to go back to the way they were.”

Jesus saw this tendency to fall into old ways when he cleaned out the temple. In the beginning of His ministry, after His first of miracle of turning the water into wine at the wedding of Cana, Jesus traveled to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover.

“In the temple courts He found men selling cattle, sheep and doves and others sitting at tables exchanging money. So He made a whip out of cords and drove all from the temple area, both sheep and cattle, He scattered the coins of the moneychangers and over turned their tables. To those who sold doves He said, ‘Get these out of here! How dare you turn my Father’s house into a market!’” (John 2:14-16, NIV)

Three years later, during His last week of life on earth, Jesus came upon the unholy mess again.

“Jesus entered the temple area and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the moneychangers and the benches of those selling doves. ‘It is written,’ He said to them, ‘My house will be called a house of prayer, but you are making it a den of robbers’” (Matthew 21:12-13, NIV).

How did the corruption happen the second time? I don’t think it happened all at once. After Jesus initially cleared out the temple, I suspect it stayed that way for a time. But one day, a moneychanger set up his table. Then another brought in a few birds, followed by a couple of sheep, and then here came a cow.

The next thing you know, the temple wasn’t any different than it was before Jesus cleared it out and cleaned it up three years earlier. In just three years it had reverted back to an unholy mess.

And God whispers in my ear: “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?” (1 Corinthians 6:19, NIV) Sometimes I am that messy temple.

Swept-clean sinful behavior, ungodly thoughts, and jump-off-the-cliff emotions are itching to creep back in at all times. It is up to me (and to you) to keep the temple clean.

Perhaps you’ve had a Holy Spirit moment as some point in your life—a moment that caused you to make a major lifestyle change.

But for the moment to maintain momentum, we need to be constantly aware of our tendency to revert…to go back to the way we were.

I am so thankful that Jesus went back to clean out the temple a second time. It lets me know that he will graciously return to my messy self again and again with broom in hand.

Today, think back to a time when you made a decision to change something in your life: a bad habit, an ungodly behavior, a destructive relationship, hurtful words, overeating, the abuse of alcohol, disrespect to your husband, yelling at your children, bitterness toward someone who hurt you, etc.

Have you allowed any old ways or attitudes to creep back in? If so, simply ask Jesus to come and clean out the temple…again. Then cooperate with Holy Spirit to keep your resolve.

I don’t know about you, but I never want to go back to the way I was. If you’re willing to take a few moments and ask God if there is something you’ve allowed to creep back in, join me in praying Psalm 51 in the prayer below. Then leave a comment and say, “I’m doing it today!”

(Did you know that your comments are like super big hugs? It lets us know that we’re in this together and someone’s reading!)

Let’s Pray

Be gracious to me, O God, according to Your loving kindness; according to the greatness of Your compassion blot out my transgressions. Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin. For I know my transgressions, and my sin is ever before me. Against You, and only You, I have sinned and done what is evil in Your sight, so that You are justified when You speak and blameless when You judge. Create in me a clean heart, O God, and restore a steadfast spirit within me.

In Jesus’ Name,


Now It’s Your Turn

Can you think of any behaviors or habits that you have committed to change in the past, but have crept back into your life?

If so, today’s task is simple, but not easy. Renew your commitment to clean out the temple once again. Remember, God’s mercies are new every morning.

More from the Girlfriends

One of the ways I have to keep my temple clean is by not allowing feelings of inferiority, insecurity, and inadequacy to creep back in. The words, “I’m not good enough” come knocking at my door like a relentless salesman. If that happens to be one of your struggles, I’d like to suggest starting the year off with a strategy to reject the devil’s lies that tell you not enough and replace them with God’s truth. Check out my book, I’m Not Good Enough…and Other Lies Women Tell Themselves. It includes a Bible study guide that is perfect for a group or individual study. And…drumroll…the expanded print version of A 14-Day Romance Challenge with over 250 ways to romance your husband is now here!

180 Responses to “When You Don’t Want to Go Back to the Way You Were”

  1. Sheba W says:

    I’m doing it today!

    • Pam Boldrey says:

      I’m doing it today !, lord please come in and clean out my brain and body. Cigarettes, short temper, pushing down stuff I can’t deal with. Bad Depression. And all the stuff I can’t think of like being over weigh. Not eating right to take care of my diabetes. In Jesus name feel me with your holy spirt and slow the anxiety and racing thought so I can hear you all talking to me,Amen.

  2. Laura Ventura says:

    Dear Sharon,

    Thank you so much for your faithless to God and the wisdom that you share through “Girlfriends in God” devotionals.
    Todays teaching about keeping the temple clean has shown me that I need to keep my temple clean by not allowing an argumentative spirit and superior attitude creep in. I have been struggling with the political changes that are going on in the country and arguing with my sister about this. I am grateful that God’s mercies a new each morning and that He can help me change this attitude, creating in me a new heart and steadfast spirit.
    I look forward to your devotionals regularly.

    Thank you,.

  3. Kathleen says:

    I am on it

  4. Debbie says:

    Amen and 🙏.thanks for the word.

  5. Celena says:

    I never ever want to go back to my old self. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and saviour and has been of the alcohol ever since, there comes that times when that thought creeps back in my mind to take a drink and I don’t want to go back that road. Please keep me in prayer God bless.

  6. Nettie says:

    I’ve been through a lot- but thank God! I’m not where I was & I NO- I don’t want to go back! I am grateful for His promises & the Holy spirit to step in, take control, throw out & restore this temple when I start to crumble!

  7. Jerri says:

    Here’s a big hug to let you know I start my day with you wonderful ladies every morning.
    Currently reading your book “i’m Not Good Enough”. Thank you for daily encouragement!

  8. Susan says:

    I’m doing it today!

  9. Laura says:

    Terrifying but true. I am a free woman. Free from food addiction, free from seeking self worth from people, free from wanting the numbing feeling you get when you drink alcohol, but how quickly it may come back. The terrifying part is that you can be busy in Gods work. Working a extra shift because you are needed. Being tired and rationalizing it is ok to consume something that ironically will just make you feel slower. Having a glass of wine to put someone else at ease but you know you want 2. Trying to speak to someone who is busy talking to someone else and feeling that all to familiar tinge of jealousy. Yes, this was my last 48 hours. Oh but how precious our Lord is. I will praise your name. You sent this devotion to remind me that you will never leave me or forsake me. I am yours. Haleluiah! Thank you Lord for giving me the opportunity to minister to a hurting soul, for the gift of singing worship music, and for your never ending presence in my life! Thank you Sharon for this devotion.

    • Lucretia Mack says:

      Thanks for sharing. Sometimes more than often I feel the same. It is my Prayer to not go back to that person.

      Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,
      Philippians 3:13 KJV

  10. Brandi Smith says:

    I’m doing it today!

  11. Janelle Copeland says:

    What a timely Word. “I’m doing it today!” Thanks for sharing.

  12. Cindy Jenkins says:

    I am doing it today!! Releasing negativity and inferiority thoughts. I am a child of God and that is enough😊

  13. Mary says:

    I’m doing it today! *hug*

  14. Angela says:

    I’m doing it today!!! Thank you for the daily devotions. God speaks to me through them. Today’s put me back into check. I needed that reminder of where I came from and let myself go back to. Sometimes we don’t want to see the ugliness we let ourselves drift back to. Again thank you….

  15. Shannon Duncan says:

    As usual, just what I needed…Big hugs!

  16. Danna Reese says:

    I’m doing it today and every day!!!

  17. Thank you so much for your ministry. It has been a real blessing to me Today’s devotional really hit home with me. I ask for your prayers that I can stay on track this time. Hugs to all of you. God bless.

  18. Maya says:

    I’m doing it today!
    Thank you, Sharon and the other Girlfriends, so much for your devotions. They have helped me get into a daily routine of morning ChairTime with God!

  19. Sirena says:

    I am doing it today!!!! God has blessed me with a wonderful new job and I keep thinking to myself can I do this job? I don’t want to let them down…… I have just been asking the Lord for knowledge and wisdom. Thank you Jesus for your blessing …….

    I read your devotional every single morning, that’s how I start my day!! Thank you!! You’ve been a God send!!!!

  20. Dorothi says:

    Thank you
    I’m doing it today
    May God contnue to Bless You Guys

  21. Casie Kolenda says:

    I am doing it today!

  22. Jennifer says:

    This truly spoke to my heart today and I actually saw many attitudes that I allow to creep back in over time and I’m ready to change.

    I’m doing it today 🤗!

  23. Becky grant says:

    I needed to hear thins today. Thank you…I’m doing it today. I have a lot to work on

  24. Felicia says:

    A very timely word indeed. Was just saying yesterday to give my Mom a call today. We have a volitale relationship and sometimes have gone for weeks at a time not speaking. Calling her today. Hysband

  25. Felicia says:

    Husband said some things to make me feel insecure and inferior. But God….i will not return to those feelings. All things are new in Him… He is back to clean out my temple. Praise God. And thanks be unto HIM for you and your ministry. Be blessed ladies.

  26. Trish says:

    I’m doing it today. Thank you for sharing.

  27. Marlise Witham says:

    I’m doing it today.

  28. Kelly Anne Scoggins says:

    I’m doing it today 💕

  29. Ann Freeman says:

    I’m doing it today

  30. Shell says:

    Thanks for this reminder!! I’ve recently gone back to work after maternity leave for our second child and I’ve been carrying around so much anger and bitterness and sadness in my heart about the whole thing. I read your blog every morning and it brings me comfort and positive reminders about God during this transition. Thank you so much and I’m certainly glad God’s mercies are new every morning because I sure need them EVERY morning! God bless.

  31. Regina Gibbs Taylor says:

    I did it today!
    Thank you for your vivid illustrations which allow me to see clearly the board in my own eye.

  32. Jessica Hatchett says:

    I’m doing it today!!

  33. Joy says:

    I’m doing it today! Hugs!

  34. Coleen says:

    Exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you! I am doing it today!

  35. Heather says:

    I’m doing it today!

  36. Deana says:

    Thank you for a beautiful devotion. Exactly what I needed. “I am doing it today!!!”

  37. Samantha says:

    I’m doing it today!

  38. Joyce says:

    I needed to hear this! I was abused by my cousin as a child. When I started to insist that I would tell, he stopped, but to get the feeling, I would masturbate. Many years later, pornography joined in. I fight, sometime I win, for months, and then one day, I seem to be back where I started.
    I am grateful for a God that can renew a right spirit within me. I trust that he will create a new heart in me and make me a woman that is disciplined! That can say no to excess food, to biting my nails, to my phone addiction, to pornography.
    I am grateful for this Devotional.
    I am doing it today!

  39. Angela says:

    I’m doing it today! I’ve been reading y’alls devotional for going on two years and it has given me so much encouragement and comfort. I’ve even shared some with my coworkers. I live in Arkansas and keep watching your events page for any dates in the South. Thank you all for your ministry!

  40. Terri says:

    I’m doing it today! Hugs!!

  41. Debbie says:

    What a good message and reminder. I’m doing it today! Thanks and hugs!

  42. Tamara says:

    cleaning and sweeping a daily activity. I need to remember to humble myself, look inward and look up asking God to clean out my heart and remove the stains and be washed clean… daily ~ God bless you ~ thank you for this.

  43. Sharon Laas says:

    I will not go back to the way I was! I am being renewed moment by moment, day by day until the Lord returns! Praise God!

    Every morning I begin my day joining the Girlfriends in God and the Holy Spirit always lets me know what needs to be changed;my walk with God is strengthened.

    Thank you all for being faithful and helping other girlfriends learn where their pathways should go in love.

    God Bless You!

  44. Lynn says:

    I am doing it today! God always provides words of guidance and encouragement when He knows we need it. Be blessed and thank you for thee message.

  45. Beverly Grabeel says:

    Thank you so much for your touching devotions. This one in particular pierced straight to my heart. I have been praying this lately. I’m doing it once again today. God Bless You, Sharon!

  46. Judy says:

    I’m doing it today. Thank you for these devotions!

  47. Dequesha Browder says:

    “I’m doing it today” may God countuine to bless each and everyone of you lady’s.

  48. Cindy says:

    I’m doing it today! Thank you so much, I’m blessed each morning with your messages!

  49. Mary Lou says:

    I am doing it today. Thank you. Hugs

  50. Karen olson says:

    Thank you, for sharing your struggles. I want to move forward with God and not retreat.

  51. Grizel castillo says:

    Thank you for sharing your gift with us! I needed to hear this today! I’m doing it today!

  52. Evelyn says:

    I’m doing it today!!

  53. Elsie says:

    I’m doing it! My body is a temple and I am saying no to over-eating. I did so well last year but I let the bad habits creep back in. I had stopped being a shouting mother but I lost my self control and let the shouting mother back but no more. I ask for God’s divine power to help me change.

  54. Shenetta says:

    This is right on-time! God Bless You

  55. Betsy says:

    With Gid’s help, I’m looking ahead to better relationships with others.

  56. Lorraine says:

    Thank you. I am doing it today. I really enjoy the daily devotionals. Keep up the good work my sister in the Lord.

    God bless,

  57. Janna says:

    I am doing it today!!! ❤️️

  58. Mimi says:

    This is exactly what I needed to hear this morning….I am doing it today! I am so thankful and humbled that our Lord loves us and continues to draw Himself closer to us. Sharon, thank you for this devotion.

  59. Daedonda says:

    I am doing it! ❤

  60. Thanks for the reminder!!!
    I’m doing it today!!! Hebrews 4:14-16
    Praise God we have a high priest who understands! Thanks for the encouragement

  61. Mina Carlson says:

    Thank you for this devotion. I am doing it today! I joing all my sisters in the GIG to cleanse me from reverting back…I will not! Today I start a new life serving Christ and walking with him as a servant leader. His vessel. Fill me up!

  62. Vicki says:

    A breath of fresh air almost a month into this year of new commitments! Great word!

    It’s sad how easily we, I, go back to our ugly.

    So, so thankful for His tender mercies that are new each day!

    I’m continuing it today!!!!

  63. Dawn says:

    I have been getting these devotions through Crosswalks and until today only glanced over them. Today this spoke to me! I too often am like “Karen”. My husband truly tries but I can be so intolerant and impatient with a cold side of demanding. I hang my head now knowing I’ve actually stopped and asked myself why did I say that or act like that..only to do it again.
    I love my husband with ALL of my heart but then; me.
    Today on my birthday I cry out to God to create in me a new heart, a loving, kind and joyful heart. I thank God for making this devotion today stand out and take root! Thank you ladies for your devotion and steadfast mission helping Girlfriends finish the race! God Bless!!

  64. INA INGERMANN says:

    im doing it today. I do this with bad eating habits. Thank you for this word.

  65. Tammy Croyle says:

    Always enjoy daily inspiration from this site!!!!!

  66. Janet says:

    Thank you. I needed this reminder. I was doing so well, then it sneaks back in and I start being who I don’t want to be. God is so good. He is always forgiving. He is always with me, reminding me how much he loves me. 🙂

  67. Carrie Oosterveen says:

    I’m doing it today. Thank you for your devotional.

  68. Caroline Wilson says:

    Thank you, Sharon, for sharing your love for our precious and loving God. I start my day out every morning with your devotions. Thank you to all of you at GIG. Hugs!

  69. Laura says:

    I am doing it today! With great joy in HIM I am doing all I can to cleanse myself from turning back to old hurts. I am open to His Word! Today is a new day!!

  70. Marsha says:

    Thanks for your daily devotions they speak to me everyday. I really needed this it helps me to know God walks with us everyday!

  71. Nikki says:

    I have struggled with this for a long time. But God has slowly transformed me into the better person I am today. However, I do sometimes feel those sins creeping up in my life again–What an awful feeling! Thank you for sharing this. It’s so important to put on the Armor of God every morning and one way I do that is by reading GIG devotionals. Thanks for all that you do! God Bless You!

  72. Tamara Mumba says:

    I am doing it today.

  73. Becki Barnett says:

    I’m doing it today. I needed this devotion today. Thank you for allowing God to work through you for others. God is good

  74. Andrea says:

    I so appreciate these devotion from day to day and this one today hit right at home for me. I went back to my old self yesterday with curse words that would put any sailor to shame and I am not proud of myself but I am going to continue to fight and kill my flesh everyday, so I will not return to my old self. Thank you Heavenly father.

  75. Ashley says:

    I’m doing it today. I won’t be the same!

  76. Carey says:

    I’m doing it today!!!! THANK YOU!

  77. Betsy Chaput says:

    I’m doing it today – but I have to figure out which “it” it is. Overeating? Putting myself down? Letting myself sink deeper into depression?

    I just bought your book, “I’m Not Good Enough . . .”. Thank you for having it in e-book format, as my eyesight doesn’t allow me to read print books easily.

  78. Michele says:

    I am doing it! I am so thankful that we serve a Good, Good, Father and He allows start overs…

  79. Dala says:

    I’m Doing It! Thank you for the devos. I love this site! Blessings to all!

  80. Jackie says:

    Thank you for this reminder today. It is my prayer that God create a clean heart in me!

  81. Cheryl T says:

    Wow! This devotional couldn’t have come at a better time, this morning I started my time out with prayer saying Lord my heart feels heavy, I feel like I’m turning back to the person that I once was not the person you made new, changed, transformed. I Prayed for guidance and wisdom and then I opened up the girlfriends in God study, He always amazes me!!!!! Thank you for sharing God’s truth!! NEW mercy every morning.❤️ I am doing it today!!!!

  82. Cindy says:

    I’m doing it TODAY! As my husband and I battled to save our marriage over a year ago, your daily devotions always were the one thing that started our day. And this one today really spoke to us as we have settled back in to old ways of disrespect and unkind words. Not anymore! Today’s devotion was a game changer! Thank you!! God bless you!

  83. Andrea says:

    I’m doing it today!

  84. Tammy says:

    Great devotional. Good to know I am not the only one who reverts back to old habits. Thank you, ladies, for your wonderful ministry!!!

  85. Shelly Walter says:

    Thank you all for reminding me every day, as I read your wonderful words. I too need reminding of repetitious thoughts. And I Am Doing It! Thank you! 💑

  86. Debbie says:

    I’m doing it today! Thank you for the daily devotions. It seems that almost every day, it is just what I needed to hear that day. Hug!

  87. Jill says:

    Thank you for the great message! I am doing it today.

  88. Ruth says:

    Thank you Sharon. One of the biggest goals I have set for this year is to fill myself up with God’s truth and reject the lies of the wicked one. I desperately need to know my true identity in Jesus. Thank you for reminding me to focus on Jesus. God bless.

  89. Kathy says:

    I’m doing it today!

  90. Karunya says:

    Iam doing it today

  91. Ellen Burns says:

    I’m doing it today! Thanks for the message. I am really convicted of my critical spirit towards my husband!

  92. Rosella says:

    What a great reminder. I thank God for his repeated forgiveness of the same sin.

  93. Brenda says:

    Old eating habits and weight gain have creeper back. Today I prayed for God to give me a renewed mindset to be healthy with food and exercise. Thank you for this timely devotion.

  94. Kelly says:

    I am doing it! <3 Everyday is a struggle but everyday I remind myself that He loves me and put my trust in Him I get stronger. God is great! <3

  95. Michelle says:

    Just what I needed. 💕

  96. Dawn says:

    I am doing it today!!!

  97. Lana says:

    This is so perfect for me right now! Thank you…YES, I am doing this today and surrendering moment by moment to Jesus .

  98. Vicky says:

    Wow, so true! My heart is convicted reading this. This is something that I am constantly working on. It is easy and comfortable to unconsciously or consciously slip back into old behaviors and allow the “old tapes” to play. Thankfully I am forgiven by Him, and redirected as needed. I’m doing it today!
    I have not replied previously, but today your request struck a cord with me. You ladies put a tremendous amount of time and energy into these devotionals, and I for one am so grateful! There are many days that these words resonate so strongly, and I cling to His word, and the message that you have shared is what reminds me that all is well! Thank you! (((HUGZ)))

  99. Suzanne says:

    Thank you for this timely reminder. I am doing it today

  100. Jayne says:

    I’m doing it today!
    Thank you!!!

  101. Mabry Bell says:

    I’m doing it today! For the 1000th time but I’m doing it! My eating habits are terrible, I must get control. I seek Gods help and covet your prayers! The struggle is real.

  102. Kim says:

    Thank you so much for this. I needed to be reminded that I am not the only one who struggles with this. Praise God for his grace and mercy that is made new each day!!

  103. Danielle says:

    I am doing it today! These devotions help me so much!!

  104. Sally K says:

    I’m doing it today! Hugs to all 💜

  105. Marcia says:

    It was meant for me to see this today. I am so thankful that I have a Father that loves me in spite of! I am doing it!

  106. Berni says:

    I am doing it today!

  107. Rebecca says:

    This devotion hit me hard this morning. Much needed at just the right time! I am standing in His grace!

  108. Tonya says:

    I am doing it today! I truly needed this! I thank God for you all!

  109. Jennifer says:

    “I’m doing it!” My “tribe” and I all read GiG and comment to each other via group texts how the daily devotionals speak to, and challenge us. Thank you for speaking truth into our lives daily ❤

  110. BerylAnne says:

    I’m doing it today too! I start every morning off with reading your devotions and then my prayer time. You touch and affect my life and my journey to better know my Saviour, through your ministry here and with your books (which I have most of). Please know that you’re a blessing! Thank you.

  111. Cozerre says:

    I am doing it right now! Thanks for loving reminder. 🔑

  112. Cindy says:

    I want to be pleasing to God. I have a habit of letting past hurts creep back in my life, even when things are going great. I choose today, to stop letting the past ruin my present and the future. I’m going to live each day as God gives it to me and try to be a better person, so that I may also be a better witness to others of his love!

  113. Renee says:

    Thank you for sharing from your heart as God prompts you. This message was timely. I’m all in!

  114. Angela says:

    God’s timing is always perfect! I’m doing it today! Thank you for your amazing ministries!

  115. Gwen says:

    I’m doing it today!

  116. Joyce says:

    Thank you, Hugs, hugs, hugs to you all, for your devotions and wonderful insight into scripture! I have been reading your devotions for a couple of years. I feel God speaking to me through your devotions and scripture. It is so enlightening to read the stories with scripture incorporated. Today’s Bible verse is a favorite of mine as I have been working hard the past couple years to change my thinking, and capture those negative, destructive thoughts from the enemy as I work on issues of jealousy, competitiveness, comparison and self-worth. I have also struggled with some passive-aggressive behaviors in my relationship with my husband. I feel we are turning the corner in our relationship and restoring some brokenness. I don’t want to go back to how we were, or how I was. As I change, I feel my husband changing and softening. Today’s devotion encourages me to stay in the word, keep the word close to my heart and work at not reverting back to my old ways. I am so thankful for a God who walks with me, and carries me at times. Even when I stumble and fall, He will not leave or forsake me!

  117. Mandy says:

    I am doing it today. Thank you the wonderful devotion.

  118. Karen says:

    Dear Sharon,

    Today’s word spoke straight to me even with the same name (Karen). I only what to have love and forgiveness in my heart for others continuously. I think its so important to do acts of service and be compassionate with others to have that spirit in us. I would love to translate girlfriends in God devotionals to spanish! they are so amazing! sending you all my love. Thank you for speaking to me in a very special way every singe day.

  119. Juanita says:

    I’m doing it today! Thank you!

  120. Caitlin says:

    I’m doing it today! I slipped back into old bad eating habits and am not treating my body the way it deserves. Asking God to come clean the temple again! <3

  121. Sharon says:

    Hi Sharon,

    It’s as though you opened the door to my thoughts regarding insecurity, inferiority, and self-doubt. On the outside, I’m “all good.” Inside, not so much.
    I appreciate the reminder of who I am in Christ.

  122. Lena says:

    Thank you for the encouragement,just what I needed as usual

  123. Laurel Hamilton says:

    This is so for me…thank you.

  124. Jackie Woody says:

    I’m doing it today, thank you

  125. CJ says:

    Today is the day! With Him, I’m renewed every morning!

  126. Leigh Andra says:

    Yes! The struggle is real. Thank you so much for an on time devotion.

  127. Elaine Tomasello says:

    Thank you for this wonderful devotional.

    “I’m doing it today!”

    Lord cleanse me of my sin. Help me to get back on the right path – the path that leads to You. Instill within me the desire to follow only You. Lately I have not been so good. I feel I have strayed a little ways off the path. Sometimes things seem like they are right things to do, but afterward, I can see that I am getting lost in a fog, searching for the light of Your eternal love. Help me Lord! Help me to see, to hear, to know Your love for me. Fill me up with it. Immerse me in Your love. Guide me. Show me where I have gone wrong & gently push me back on the path that You want me to follow!
    Thank You Lord for always loving me, even when I am not so lovable. In Jesus name. Amen.

  128. Melody Ayleene says:

    I’m doing it!!!
    I’ve asked God once again to convict me to give up added sugar and to convict me to stop eating just because I like sweets and I made it.
    Thanks Sharon!!!

  129. Blossom says:

    I am doing it today!!!! I have been around this mountain to many times and I want God to sweep clean my temple and renew a right spirit in me! I have felt almost like a blocking over my heart where I have walled others out from hurt I have also walled God out also! I struggle with Trust hugely and fear! I want God to wrap me in His arms and love me until I believe I am loved! I don’t know what that feels like but I long for it!

  130. Linda Taylor says:

    Im doing it today! Thank you for reminding us how way it is to “go back” I l pray i never do again! Love and appreciate you all

  131. Eve Smith says:

    Dear Sharon,

    Thank you so very much for being faithful to the Holy Spirit and what He lays upon your heart each week for us. I am always convicted by the Lords words through you. I too struggle with falling back into unsavory ways that I have vowed never to be like again. Controlling, impatient, self righteousness… need I go on? I have the vision of Jesus, with crossed arms and broom in hand, tapping his foot on the ground as I fall into my messes over and over again. I am grateful that He came for imperfect people like me. I am both saddened and relieved with the words we pray “Against You, and only You, I have sinned and done what is evil in Your sight…” I, have done what is evil in His sight, the thought makes me shiver. I act this way with the One who died for my sins?! The fact that I have done it in His sight gives me hope that He is there right by me, never turning His face from me, never running from me but always to me. Today! I will do it, I will step “back” into my new self I have received through Christ and I will claim the victory that is rightfully mine! Thank you for speaking truth to so many of us!
    Be Blessed!

  132. Kathy M says:

    Thank you so much! I also read GIG everyday. There seems to be a theme with my devotions this morning about rebuilding in a new and better way. The Holy Spirit has also been speaking to my heart over the past few days about rebuilding. I have been experiencing some extreme physical symptoms that have me looking for the cause. In gentleness the Lord is showing me what I need to do. Once when I made a big change, the Lord showed me to focus on what I could do instead of what I couldn’t do. This really helped. God bless you and all of your Girlfriends in God.

  133. Joyce B. says:

    Just the devotional I needed. I have been trying to start exercising and watching my eating habits again. Praise God I can do it with His help. This has been a blessing to me. I have already began the journey.
    I too struggle with fear. I keep reminding myself of the promises God has given in His word.
    Victory in Jesus!!

  134. Tracy says:

    I’m all in — today and from here on out!!!

  135. Anita Dokotri says:

    I’m doing it today. This is exactly the point where I am but I’m grateful that the Lord used this as a beautiful reminder that He is mindful of me and watching over me. Thank you

  136. Rosey says:

    Its the first thing my boyfriend ever taught me! so I do this everyday!!!!!!! Woo hoo ladies, we have touched and agreed!

    so intense, it has me roaring loudly in the streets I’m so happy!!!!!!

  137. Sarah says:

    I’m doing it today with HIS guidance.

  138. Symone' says:


    In Jesus name, I declare a cleaned and renewed heart that will speak gently, forgive willingly, and love unconditionally.


  139. Kathi says:

    Praise Papa God💞 I am doing it today💞💞💞

  140. Connie J Miller says:

    This is the third time TODAY that this verse has come before me. I am doing it today!!!

  141. Mercy says:

    Thank you Jesus, i am doing it

  142. Polly Stadt says:

    Thank you so much for these awesome words today and everyday! Here’s a great big HUG for you! 🙂

  143. Carol Mundy says:

    Blossom’s post really resonated with me as well as today’s devotion! I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of all doubt, fear and the feeling of being powerless! Thank you all for all your words of wisdom, love and courage! I really believe we do not need to “try harder” as the saying goes; but let God fight the battles we face for us! He is certainly a lot stronger than we are and only wants what is best for us!

  144. Kelley says:

    Thanks so much for encouraging words to start me day. Reminding me I am a dearly loved child of God. I’ve surrounded lately by the theme “transformation” and know God is reveling in my heart areas I need to change. I’m all in!
    May God bless you.

  145. Wow! Did I need this message or what? I became a “social” alcoholic several years ago but stopped drinking for good two years ago. Except… I started having a glass of wine now and then and then a bottle now and then. Oops! Not good!!!
    I am, like Ruth, not going back to my Moab, the place where I am comfortable and that feels like home. I’m going to be respectful toward my God, my husband and my body by not turning to drink.

  146. I loved today’s devotion and I always pass them on daily to my backslider daughters. But I won’t be passing today’s on. My name is Karen…. and though my ex-husband was unfaithful and has a child with another woman, my girls blame me for the divorce. Your example hits too close to home for them not to attach me to that story. I might have to get creative because I love the braces analogy. 2 of my children who had braces (ka-ching, ka-ching) didn’t wear their retainers and are facing braces as adults now. If teeth have a memory, how much more does our heart and brain that feel emotion, pain,wrongdoing…..

  147. Lusy says:

    I am doing it today. Lord help me

  148. Shelia says:

    With God’s help I’m doing it today. Thanks!

  149. LaTarsha says:


  150. Mich says:

    I am doing it today.
    A timely eye-opener. I don’t want to go back to my old self…
    Thank you for sharing and may God bless you more as you continue to share your wisdom.
    More hugs…

  151. Amy Lou says:

    Greetings 😁

    Love the devotionals try to read daily…
    I must say each devotional has truly hit home to me….
    I always get something out of them….
    Today’s devotional actually made me think of how I’m not taking care of myself like I use to and have just given up on my health.

  152. Janet says:

    “I’M DOING IT TODAY!!!!”

  153. Khris says:

    I’m doing it today! Thank you for reminding us Lord.. Thank you for enlightening us and not giving up on us..

  154. Audrey says:

    I was looking for a new devotion and found GiG January 2016, and have stuck w it every morning since. It’s always timely, and always spiritually feeding, so yes, someone’s reading!! Thank you so much. 🙂

    From a single young adult in Malaysia learning so much about being a good woman of God.

  155. Correen says:

    I’m doing it today!! No more being Luke warm and fearful of serious change. I need to give my heart and my life fully over to God.

  156. Charlotte says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for today’s devotional. No, I do not want to go back to the way I used to be and Yes, I am asking God TODAY, to create in me a clean heart. Thank you Ladies!

  157. marie says:



  158. BreAnne says:

    I’m doing it!

  159. sue says:

    I am doing it today. I am tired of swinging from optimism to depression…. waiting for the other shoe to fall. I claim God’s protection and faithfulness. I pray that God will give me the spirit of vigilance and guidance so that i will not fall back to being afraid.

  160. LaTarsha says:


  161. Aneta says:

    I’m doing it today!

  162. Kelly says:

    Thank you Sharon, I needed this timely reminder ! I want to continue going forward being a “new creation” and not drift backwards towards my old self !

  163. Lonita says:

    I’m doing it today !!! 🙌🏾

  164. Gwen Thomas says:

    I just want you to know how reading your devotions has helped my life. You are all such a blessing. And always…always have insight that helps me carry on. I lost my husband almost a year ago now to cancer, which totally shook my world and my faith. I thought I had not only lost my husband by I could no longer feel my God. After I realized he has no control and can only guide me I felt him again. God is my strength now and forever. I’ve done it and don’t want to ever go back, with the help of the Holy Spirit, I won’t…. Blessings.

  165. Susan says:

    I am doing it today!
    I so enjoy my emails from GWG. Even if I don’t get to it the day of I try to get them read. I like that they are short and easy to related to. Along with my regular Bible Study time, I have decided to start journaling as I hope that will give me better insight to my relationship with God, family and friends.
    Thanks again.

  166. Cindy says:

    I’m doing it today! Way overdue. God Bless you and your ministry!

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